Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I have found Utopia and now you can too!

Those of you who are active in the Bare Escentuals world have probably heard of Utopia, the color that has only been available in a kit that is a Gift with Purchase at certain Nordstrom BE counters.  Well, a fabulous friend of mine sent me a sample of Utopia.  I was going to wait until it came out somewhere more accessible to me but she claims to have sold her soul to get this sample to me so I figured I better wear it and share pics of it with you!

Here is how you can still get Utopia:
The Business Manager of a particular Nordstrom's BE counter, Benjamin Beaury, is still offering the Gift With Purchase (Love and Happiness Kit) with any $75 purchase through the end of April. If you call and order $75 worth of BE products, he will include the free Love & Happiness kit along with some other BE goodies. Mention this blog and shipping is FREE! The phone number is 301-365-4111 Ext 1086.

Utopia Swatches:
Taken with Ottlite
Taken with ottlite, first dry, then foiled

I am not affiliated with this company. This product was a gift from a friend. Pin It StumbleUpon

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