Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome to my life Clarisonic & Bare Escentuals Deep Cleansing Foam

I finally caved after much deliberation and bought a Clarisonic Plus.  I have to say, any friend that I know who owns one raves about it.  It is not a cheap investment so I had to put a lot of thought into it.  I tend to freak out about buying anything over $100.  QVC had a Clarisonic TSV that came with Philosophy products too.  I decided it was time to just go for it.  I do not use Philosophy since it is not as natural as I would like and my skin was not happy when I used their cleanser.  I know plenty of people who love their stuff so I figured I could sell it or gift it to someone.  The Clarisonic came in such pretty colors and came with various brush heads to try out.  It arrived yesterday and sat in the cradle for its first 24 hour full charge.  I finally used it today.  I took before and after pics so I can show progress after using it for a while.  I am really hoping that this is what my skin has been looking for.  I am guessing that my new Bare Escentuals Deep Cleansing Foam will help too.  I used both today and my skin feels FABULOUS!

Some pics, some of which I would not normally share:
First time use, supposed to use a pearl size, I guess I like big pearls LOL Next time I will know better.
Cleanser on the face before using my Clarisonic on it
All happy and clean!
My problem skin on my chin, been like this or worse since I was about 9. This is actually not so bad, I know, but it has never really gone away. Dermatologists said most of it was too deep to get to or gave me antibiotic creams to try. Ugh!
Cheek pores on one side
Cheek pores on the other side

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  1. Heather - I'm a fan of both and I'll be looking to see the changes. Good for you for sharing.

  2. I have a friend who has been bugging me about getting this and feel exactly the same way as you did before purchasing. I don't really have any problems with my skin so I'm having a real hard time justifying this purchase. I am signed up for a demo at Ulta on the 2nd to see how it feels. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!

  3. Same as mine :-) Can't wait for it to come to CA. I have an MD that'll be handed down to DH. Didn't really hear abt the foaming cleanser. How do you like this in comparison with the regular BE cleanser (the liquid one) that came in the recent TSV with moisturizer and neck cream?

    Can't wait for the lavender print to get here. Had a tough time picking against green.

    Happpy Blogging. I hope the pores shirnk. I have similar skin goin on on my cheeks:-D

  4. For me, I am loving the deep cleansing foam. I find it to really get into my pores and make them feel and look refreshed. I get a lot of blackheads and it helps with those. I still love the purifying cleanser and will use that at night to remove my make up as it is great to remove eye make up.

  5. We're so happy to hear you are enjoying your new Clarisonic PLUS. Thank you for taking time to review it. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook :)

  6. I have the MIA and LOVE it!!!! Of course I also use BE and no longer use Philosophy (although it did work okay for me until BE came out with theirs and I switched)

    You will love it more and more as you continue to use it.

    I am jealous as you got the PLUS! Some day I will break down and get that one and then probably give this one (with NEW brush heads) to my daughter) but not for awhile :(

    Congrats sweetie!!!

  7. Love my Clarisonic! I just got one a month ago, 2 weeks before the QVC TSV! I sent it back and got the TSV because I wanted the Philosophy stuff (plus it was $25 cheaper).


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