Friday, March 18, 2011

A More Detailed look at my Beauty Nook

I posted a pic of my beauty area on facebook and got a lot more reaction than I expected so I wanted to share more pics with more info and details.  I hope this helps answer any questions that anyone might have had and maybe helps some of you organize your collection if you are having a rough time pulling it together.

First, I organize everything by color group.  This is my preference. Some like to sort by kit or alphabetically.  Whatever works best for you is the way to go.  I tend to sort everything by category, so this is my style. I have color groups like purples, greens, highlight colors, golds & coppers, pinks & reds and I keep all liners together and do not group those by color (yet). I have all blushes together, all radiances and gossamers together, etc.  I make labels for all of the drawers so I never forget where anything is.

I also make labels for every jar. I use post it notes in bright colors and use the sticky part to write the labels for my jars.

After that, all my brushes, liner pencils, mascaras & lippies are stored on top of the drawers of eye colors. I seperate eye brushes from face brushes.  I keep all my large body glimmers or gossamers on top of my silver safekeeper tower.  These are rubbermaid storage drawers that have a flip top on top and spaces that brushes fit in.  I think they are intended for office storage.  As my collection grows, these might get replaced so I can have more drawer space.

My lip glosses are now being kept in a desk storage item I found on clearance.  I am tempted to go see if they have any left because it worked even better than I expected and it would work well for my brushes.

Last but not least, is my everyday basics area. I keep a placemat for my "work area" so that minerals do not make a mess on my dresser.  I keep all the basics that I use everyday or often there.  I have 2 rows of jars where I keep foundation in 2 shades, bisque concealer, warmth & Faux tan matte, flawless radiance, and a variety of mineral veils.  My double ended brushes and magnetic tip brushes often end up hanging out there. 
To the left of this, I keep my primers, a brush for eye primer, a crease brush for blending, an eye shaping brush for highlighting along with opal eye color, brow color, the retro liner brush that I use for brows and saline which is what I use for wetlining.  Beyond that, I have some 100% Pure blushes, a liner, a bronzer and some lip palettes that I keep there. I also keep a funky fluffy pen there in case I want to write notes or cross something off a list. 

I have a lot of jewelry, mostly funky artsy stuff that I collection at arts & crafts festivals.  I saw a woman selling earrings at a festival and she used a planter to display earrings.  It gave me the idea to use this votive holder to store my earrings that are on hooks.  All my post backed or silver earrings are in silver safekeeper boxes.  I keep some of my non-solver necklaces on a key holder.

Any of my extras, packaging that I want to keep, etc all goes in a rolling drawer cart or in small sterlite drawers on a bookshelf in the same room.

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  1. LOVE THIS POST! I always just throw all my makeup and beauty products in a drawer somewhere and can never find them. GENIUS idea about using a placemat cause my minerals get everywhere!

  2. Years ago I went to Nancy Bounds and we used 'fishing tackle boxes' for our makeup. Especially on the go, made is quite easy!


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