Saturday, February 19, 2011

My first ever Bare Escentuals look photo - 2004

I was going through old photo files on my computer and found the folders from my first digital camera in October 2004.  This was taken less than 1 month after getting my camera so I am pretty sure it is my first ever Bare Escentuals look photo.  I am wearing the Retro Lounge Eye kit, which was Retro Liner with a special angled liner brush.  I am probably wearing Nude Beach since I lived in it back then.  No clue about the colors though I was wearing Light foundation at the time.  Look how red my hair was!!!  My eye make up application has really advanced a lot to.

My First BE look Pic - Nov 6, 2004

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  1. How awesome!!!! I wish I knew where my first BE look photo was at!

  2. Wow that looks really nice!

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    Super blog! :)

  3. very nice! and I really like your hair colour :)

  4. Cute pic. You look gorgeous in auburn curls!


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