Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year Bare Escentuals Inventory Confession Time and Nirvana Update

I am still working on my BE Nirvana Part 2. I seem to be making more progress and I am really motivated to finish and wear each of my eye colors once without repeating.  I have been in sorting, organizing and inventory mode with the holidays done so I decided to do a more thorough inventory of my Bare Escentuals collection too.  Here are the details of my collection and my Nirvana update.

Collection Details:
# of BE Eye Colors in Full Size Jars: 295 (2 of them are XL tub size colors)
# of BE Eye Colors 1/2 in Original Jars: 23
# of BE Eye Colors in mini jars: 71
# of BE Eye Colors in sample jars: 83
Total count of BE eye colors: 472  (This count is of each eye color, duplicates are not counted)

The BE Nirvana Update!  So far I have worn a total of 329 eye colors without repeating.  Woohoo!  I only have 143 more colors to wear and I am done.  It is pretty obvious which colors are my favorites since I have worn all my green and purple shades. 

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  1. Hi Heather, I have a question for you. I am aware that Nude Beach came in an XL tub because I own it. But you mention 2 XL tubs. Can you tell me what other shade(s) came in that size?

    You have been into BE longer than I have, so I had no idea about anything other than Nude Beach in this size, and you've got me curious!


  2. Heart is the other color that came in a tub.

  3. You are doing great with the Nirvana. I need to do something like this...I have a lot of BE shadows that need to be worn.


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