Monday, January 10, 2011

Brush Series: Blush Brushes

Next in my series on brushes are Bare Escentuals blush brushes.  I am going to talk about the angled blush brush, the tapered blush brush, the contour blush brush and the mini-tapered blush brush. Though I talk about BE brushes, a lot of what I say could be the same for other similarly styled brushes.

For all of these blushes, you want to take a tiny bit of BE blush color and swirl the brush in the lid.  Then tap off any excess and apply it to your cheeks.  You really do not want a lot of color because the color will warm to your skin and be more vivid later.  Apply enough to see some color on your cheeks but if it looks bright or bold now, it will look the same or more so later. If you apply too much blush, don't fret.  You can simply blend it out with a brush or your hand.  Then apply mineral veil over it and you should be fine.  I usually blend it with my hands, just a gentle wipe over my cheek a few times until it is toned down a bit.   

I will talk about them in the order they are in the pic above.

The mini-tapered blush brush - This little pink brush is awesome.  First off, the brush has synthetic bristles.  Their texture is different, very smooth and soft.  This is great if you want to stick with animal friendly brushes.  It is a full size blush brush head on a mini handle.  It is great for travel or keeping in your purse but also for daily use. Even though the brush head is a tapered blush brush, it is different than the traditional tapered blush brush with natural bristles.  This will glide soft and light as air against your skin.  Start your application by smiling and applying to the apple of the cheek, then sweep softly up towards the outer corner of your eye. When you do this, you somewhat spin the bristles of the brush so that the shorter end of the brush ends up pointing upwards at the end. I hope the pics above help explain this a bit.

The angled blush brush is my all-time favorite blush brush. It is a classic. The bristles are natural. I find that the angle of the brush and the tapered bristled really apply blush perfectly. I like to apply in a way that Leslie Blodgett sometimes demonstrates. I smile and apply to the apple of my cheek first, then I angle the brush and glide it across my cheekbone and upwards towards my outer corner of my eye.

The tapered blush brush is the old school blush brush in my opinion.  This one is traditional.  It has natural bristles and it just right for blush application.  Start with the apple of your smiling cheek and then sweep across your cheekbone.  You can even circle all the way up around your eye if you want to.

The Contour Blush Brush is from the magnetic brush with Genius that I talked about in my last brush blog entry on magnetic brushes.

This brush is super soft and fluffy.  It is much more full than other blush brushes but I love it. If you want a little more blush application, this is the brush for you.  As you can see in the pic, it is a bit bigger but it fits the apple of your cheek perfectly. 

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  1. Thanks for your review of the different types of blush brushes. I had been wanting the BE brush set with the pink bristles, but kept changing my mind about it. Your review helped. :D

  2. Another terrific review. Love your tips, too!


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