Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Brush Series: Magnetic Brushes

I am continuing my brush series by talking about the Bare Escentuals magnetic brushes.  The brushes that I am talking about are the Brush with Genius and the magnetic multi-liner brush from the Tutorials: Eye Lining kit.

For starters, the types of brushes that came in these collections are shown below.  In the Brush with Genius, you get a multi-tasking face brush, a contour blush brush, a long tapered shadow brush, a slanted liner brush and the tapered blending shadow brush.  In the Eye Lining kit, you get a full-edge liner, pointed liner and soft edge liner. 

With the Brush with Genius, the 2 face brushes fit on one end of the magnetic brush handle and the eye brushes fit on the smaller end.  The Eye lining kit brushes all fit on a one ended magnetic handle.  The trick I discovered...the eye brushes are interchangeable between the 2 kits and brush handles!!!!!  You can use the eye brushes from Brush with Genius with the smaller one ended handle from the eye lining kit and you can use the eye liner brushes on the smaller end of the handle from Brush with Genius!  I absolutely love how interchangeable they are.  This is super convenient and amazing for travel.

The face brushes are very soft and supple.  The blush brush is fabulous and gives great color to your cheeks.  The face brush works for everything from foundation to mineral veil.  Then you have multiple eye brushes for various looks.  From now on when I travel, these will likely accompany me.

I am not affiliated with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use. Pin It StumbleUpon


  1. im glad i don't have to deal with that stuff lol

  2. My favorite part of your comment is that I got the email alert and saw your blogger name and thought you might be my BF using a new name LOL

  3. haha, well honey it is your boyfriend, make a me a nice steak when I get home ok!?

  4. I have this on its way to me right now. Needless to say, I'm excited. Thanks for an excellent review!


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