Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Brush Series: The Kabukis

I am starting my make up brush series with the kabukis.  Majority of my brushes are from Bare Escentuals. I have been pretty happy with the quality of their brushes and many of them come in collections so you can build a decent collection quickly. If the brushes I write about are available from an actual online retailer, not ebay, I will post a link to the brush.

Why am I starting with the kabukis? I am starting with them because I start my make up application with a kabuki.  I use the Bare Escentuals kabuki brush to apply my foundation.

Kabukis are excellent for full coverage.  They really hold a lot of product and are great for buffing mineral make up.  They tend to be soft but full except for the light buki so the light buki is the only one I would use for lighter application.

I present to you, the bukis:

First, the original buki, the full coverage kabuki, for applying foundation. I like to apply first with circular motion, then I sweep over my face a second time.  Lastly I will buff more in places that need more coverage. This is my fave foundation brush.

Next we have the other bukis:

The Body Buki is a softer buki and it is ginormous! The main use for this is body glimmers and it is perfect for them.  I would never use it for make up application because of the size.
The Light buki is much softer. It came in the BE Sea Yourself Collection which was a TSV on QVC a couple years ago. Since this one is the same size as a regular buki but thinner, you won't get the same kind of coverage.  I think the Light Buki is better suited to mineral veil but it also would work great for blush and radiance application.
The Baby Buki is smaller but still very full and firm.  This would give very good coverage but it is smaller so it would take more work in my opinion.  You could use this for foundation or for an all over face color if you use a light hand. This is not the itty bitty sample buki that comes with foundation samples.

Last but not least, the handy buki.  This is just like the baby buki but with a longer handle.  It is easier to use and maneuver because of the handle.  Same use as the baby buki but easier to use.

I am not affiliated with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use. Pin It StumbleUpon


  1. Hi!

    Wanted to ask - have you tried e.l.f. studio kabuki? I'd like to know what you think of it.


  2. excuse me! Where is my beloved heavenly kabuki??

  3. I don't have the heavenly kabuki because I did not get the 1 TSV that it came in with the rock and faux tan.

  4. To LiiSK, Sorry, I don't have any e.l.f. studio brushes. I would gladly blog about them if I did.

  5. You are missing out! It's the best kabuki they ever made!! I think there was another release in pink, but I didn't get that one:(

  6. I can imagine with how loved the heavenly face brush is, anything turned kabuki seems to be even better than the original. I might have to scan Ebay for this one.


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