Friday, December 3, 2010

BE Nirvana Part 2 Update for Dec 2

Here I am, still working on my BE Nirvana Part 2.  It is an ongoing mission to make sure I wear all the eye colors in my huge Bare Escentuals collection.  This time around seems to be taking longer, probably because I own more colors and I am still shopping while I work on this.

The way I have been keeping track is an alphabetical printed list that I cross colors off and I also flip the jars in my storage unit so I won't grab one and repeat it until I have worn them all once.  I have to say, this helps me wear my colors but it also helps me realize what colors or color groups I wear most.  I have worn almost every single purple and green that I own while the blue drawer sits with only a few jars flipped over.  The same thing happened last time so I am thinking it is time to reevaluate my collection.  Do I need all these blues? Maybe I want to cut them down to half jars? Time to think it all over and see how I feel.  I will wear them all once before I decide, just to make sure I don't accidentally get rid of a color that I don't realize that I love.

On with the details!

When counting total number of colors, I include samples, half jars, minis and full size jars.  I am only counting eye colors that come in jars for this.  Big & Bright Liners and High Shine tubes are not included in these numbers.

I am planning to do a more thorough inventory where I keep track of the #s for how many samples, half jars, minis and full jars I have. 


# of BE mineral liners in my collection- 76
# of BE mineral eye colors in my collection- 382
Which brings me to a total of 458 colors

Colors worn so far in this Nirvana:

# of BE mineral liners worn - 32
# of BE eye colors worn - 230
Which brings me to a total of 262!

I've worn 62 colors since my last update at the very end of October. Not too bad considering that I wore the new high shine colors a lot in Nov. This means I still have 196 colors left to wear! Wooo that is a ways to go.  Let's see how long it takes me!

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  1. Heather,

    Do you have any new favorite color combos from this journey? Please share if you do!

    Love your blog!!

  2. I had posted some favorites from the 1st BE nirvana. Let me get the link to share.


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