Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A surprise phone call from Leslie Blodgett

Tonight while I was at work I got a call on my cell phone. "Hi Heather, this is Leslie." It didn't hit me right away and then I realized, OMG Leslie! LOL I was so excited since my only contact with her is usually a little comment here and there on facbeook or a quick little chat at a BE Event. Here are some highlights of our chat.

Leslie told me that she is going to use my High Shine Tube technique on the air on QVC this weekend!!!!! She was watching my youtube video while she talked to me and tried my technique and said it worked. It is called, "Shake, tap & swirl" so listen for it on QVC this weekend. Leslie was also very impressed with my video making skills!  She was scrolling through my blog while we talked. I did a 50s pin-up style photo shoot this past weekend and she asked who took the pics. She said she can't show her husband because he will leave her LOL Too funny and sweet of her to say. Then she wanted me to give her more of my tips and techniques for the QVC Today's Special Value for Nov 13, The Perfect Gift so I tried to think of things off the top of my head but I was at work and nowhere near my BE, plus I think I was just too excited to think straight, so she asked me to email her. I spent a while tonight working on the email and hope she likes some of what I came up with. Listen to the Q very carefully this weekend, Leslie might just be talking about someone you know!!!

I can't even truly express how happy this made me. I nearly exploded with joy. I have had a lot of stress going on lately that I try not to talk about here but boy did I need this huge pick me up. Leslie made my day and probably my entire week if not more than that! My blog and and BE friends mean so much to me and are often what really gets me through rough days. Now I have more happy thought to focus on. This too shall pass and there is always BE!

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  1. Tha is so great Heather! So happy for you-- I would have nearly died, glad you were able to keep your composure and actually speak, LOL....that is too cool, and I am sure she will mention you on air, so double cool!!

  2. Don't you love Leslie! I've never met her in person, but she's certainly the most interesting friend I have on facebook.

  3. That is so wonderful, and I'm glad it was such a nice surprise for you. Now I have to make sure I dvr everything!!!!



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