Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pin-up Photo Shoot by First Impressions

I had a photo shoot today at First Impressions. They do shoots in both Albany, NY and Boston, MA. You can find them at their website or on facebook.  I was going to hold off on this because I had not lost any weight as I had hoped to do but I have been trying to workout and am slowly getting back in the swing of things.  Besides, we should all accept ourselves as we are.  They often say that if you can't appreciate your body as it is, you cannot make any permanent changes.  I found a cute dress in my closet and it still fit, phew! Then I packed some other things for the photo shoot. I am glad I did because most of the costumes and outfits were a bit small for me.  Even when I got them on, they seemed out of alignment because of my busty build. 

After you try on possible things to wear, you can look through the lookbooks to get ideas and see what poses you might get to do.  When it is your turn, the makeup artist, Genn will ask what kind of look you want.  I asked for a classic pin up look.  I told her about my allergies so we did a few patch tests on my arm and avoided a couple products because the ingredients list had some chemicals that I need to avoid.  I brought my Bare Escentuals Prime Time primer which was good because she was able to use it today. I wore fake eyelashes for the first time ever. They had a great latex free lash glue so it didn't bother me at all.

Once my make up was done, I went to get ready.  I decided to do the skimpier look first since I knew my undergarments would leave red marks on my skin and I didn't want them to show in the pics. Then Lorraine, the photographer, helped me get into a wig. For this part of the shoot, we went with a long red wig.  I was very comfortable with my less than trim and toned self laying on a white fluffy rug with a faux mink stole over my busy and some sexy boy shorts and heels.  There are only females in the studio and Lorraine makes you feel very comfortable.  There was a point where I was getting ready and wearing a short robe while holding the faux mink stole over what needed to be covered and just some boyshorts underneath. The woman getting her make up done to have her pics taken after me said, "You look like you have done this before." I had to laugh, if only because of what I was wearing.

After this shoot, I went to get into my spanx and strapless bra which went better than I expected.  Sometimes they can fight with you.  I got my dress on and stepped out to get a new wig.  This time we went with a blonde Marilyn Monroe style wig.  I had some cute Sofft heels that have a retro look and they went really well. We switched to a black Betty Page style wig.  Then we had extra time and got to try a shorter red wig too.  They have plenty of props and costumes and wigs. Not only do you get to wear wigs but they often put a flower or accessory with it.

I have to say that this was a lot of fun.  The make up and wigs are so different from how I usually look.  What girl doesn't like to play dress up?  It is a great present for that special someone or just for yourself.  I told my friend that when we feel up to it, we should totally do this.  I would do it again, hopefully with some fun new outfits and maybe a little more toned than I am now. Maybe even as my bachelorette party someday when I get married. The cool part is that a disc with all your pics is included in the price.  They are not high resolution so they aren't suited for printing but they are great for sharing online. Then if you want to order prints, you can do so and Lorraine will do special effects on photos too.

Here are some of the pics taken at this shoot:

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  1. I LOVE the dark hair on you!! They are all great!

  2. These turned out awesome!! And you are so right about accepting ourselves as we are otherwise we can't make permanent changes. It's so true!!!

  3. You look so pretty!!
    The third one is my fave but they all look amazing!

  4. You look amazing! Librarians rock!!!!

  5. Heather you look amazing. The first and third are my favorites.

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  7. Hi, Heather! I came to your page from Mineral Madness. I have to say, you look BEAUTIFUL! I truly admire your application techniques. One of your posts from a few months ago convinced me to buy a BE kit at Sephora (the one that included High Shine Gold Metal, can't remeber what it was called). Love your blog! ;)


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