Sunday, November 14, 2010

My BE get together in Albany NY

I posted everywhere to see who would want to meet up in Albany for a Bare Escentuals get together.  I found a small group of people and eventually due to scheduling or not feeling too well, we ended up with a group of 7. Still not too shabby.  I contacted the BE Boutique at Crossgates.  The manager Josie was great.  We were all set to meet at 6pm.  They had a preview night the 2 nights before we went and we were able to shop from those items.  Everyone got their make up done, whether it was a full face or just eyes.

First I met up with Debra at Colonie Center.  We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and browsed Sephora and the Macy's BE counter before we headed upstairs to Bettie's Cakes to buy cupcakes.  We chatted in Barnes & Noble and had coffee and a soda with our cupcakes. After that, we drove to Crossgates.  We introduced ourselves and met up with Susan, another member of our groups.  We did a little shopping and then headed back to the boutique a little before 6pm.

They were getting our area set up.  We were able to keep our shopping bags in the back of the store.  Some people got color matched, some learned tips and tricks for foundation and eye colors.  Some tried new shades.  Even though I had a great look on my eyes already, I saw a funky look I would normally never do and said let's go for it.  We ran so late that I only had time for a cocktail and left before dinner.  Next time I will plan better so I don't need to rush home.

Here are some pics of our fun night.

BE eye colors: Wildcat, Alley Cat, Sun, Blue Black & Jade with True on cheeks and Peach Cobbler on lips

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