Monday, October 11, 2010

My Road Trip to the Bare Escentuals Big Buffing Road Trip

I am going to try to remember and include all the fun, funny and crazy details from the trip.  Then it will take more time for me to get the info and pics together to post about my makeunders with Alex Pappas and Bravon Pascua.  I want to make sure I include all their fabulous tips, techniques, colors and tools used, etc.

Day 1:

I went to bed late like I always do but I woke up early and eventually realized, there was no falling back asleep.  I got up earlier than I normally do and go ready to go.  I packed those last little things that you need to use in the morning but need to pack too.  My BF saw me off and I loaded the car with my overnight bag, my direction info and a gift for Leslie Blodgett and the fabulous BE crew on their bus. I picked up my mom, a bit earlier than I told her but she was ready to go.  We headed off on our drive.  We only made one stop at the College Diner in New Paltz which my mom loved because she got her favorite Monte Cristo sandwich. We got to our hotel in Yonkers pretty easily.  Even so, there was a time crunch because we had to get to the train station, get our tickets, get on the train and make it to the city with time to get to Bloomingdales and make it to our appointments for makeunders.

My mom sat down to relax and I started to get ready. I said, "Aren't you going to get ready?" She said, "We have to get ready? oh!" and jumped up LOL We got ready to go and I called the front desk to ask them to get us a taxi to the train station.  I didn't want to go all the way there to not find parking and lose time.  We went to leave and could not get the hotel room door to stay closed.  Finally, we went back in the room and it stayed closed.  We had to slam it.  The front desk said they would send maintenance so we let them know we got it to close but they said they would check on it anyway.  Our taxi took a while but finally picked us up and got us to the station.  I got the round trip tickets and we ran up to the podium which of course, does not have the signs to match where the trains go.  We almost took a northbound train LOL What a mess that would have been! I heard them announce it as we got on, turned around and told my mom to get off the train.  We waited and got on the train going south.  We got to the city with plenty of time.  I put money on our metro cards and we took the subway right to Bloomingdales.  Perfect!

We walked into Bloomingdales which is huge and had no clue where to go.  I asked a girl spraying perfume and she took me to a security guy who told me the event was from 5-7.  I said, no the event is all day.  He said no it starts at 5 and I said NO, people have appointments all day long so he said it must be at the counter and took us there.  He went to let them know we were there for appointments and Kathy, the awesome manager from the Time Square boutique saw me and we greeted each other with waves and hugs before he could introduce us and said, I guess you already know them LOL

After all my worries about time, we were actually really early.  They did our skin care and we sat for quite a while until they needed the chairs and led us back to the makeunder area.  While we waited, everyone wanted to check out the earrings I was wearing because they were the ones I won from Leslie Blodgett on facebook.  If they didn't already know about them, they heard the story.  It was so much fun meeting people and while we waited a lot of my BE friends showed up so we got to say hi.

When we got to the makeunder area, it was busy and bustling.  We waited for a while and eventually they decided to switch who we were scheduled with.  My mom got a makeunder with Rachel and I got to get a makeunder with my fabulous friend Alex who is awesome.  I was so psyched when they walked me over to her station.  She asked me what I wanted and I told her to do whatever she wanted.  More details on this to come in later blog entries. Stay tuned.

After the makeunder, I was escorted to shop which felt funny to me.  I ended up buying more than I expected but I wanted to get the stuff Alex used and also got some fun freebies. While shopping I spotted my mom and went to see how she liked her makeunder and what she was buying.  We walked and found Leslie and Bravon doing their presentation so we watched for a while while Bravon did a makeunder on Leslie's beautiful niece. If you haven't tried it yet, you so need to foil Oasis eye color.  It is gorgeous! After the presentation, if you got a number when you signed in, you got to wait in line for a meet & greet with Leslie.  I was psyched to get to see her again.  Someone from Mineral Madness was in line behind me and we had fun chatting all through our wait.  People would stop and ask what they were giving away.  Now I wish I had said, "beautiful skin!" but I didn't think of it until it was too late.  When it was our turn, I asked someone else to take pics for me.  I was so happy to see she took candid shots as well as the posed pic.  Leslie was so happy to see me.  She was excited to see the earrings and told me she saw me (from the presentation). I felt so special.  I introduced my mom and Leslie told my mom that I was family.  It was so great.  I got an autograph for a Mineral Madness/Facebook friend who asked if I could get one for her and then we took a pic with Leslie.  They (Leslie & Alison) made sure we would be at the cocktail party and said they would see us there.

We walked away to try to figure out what to do and where to go.  Our feet were tired so we sat for a bit and of course snapped some pics of each other looking fabulous.  I spotted some friends and found out where to go for the private cocktail party.  The first 50 to register got special invites and no one else could get in.  Leslie was there as well as other awesome people from BE and Leslie also had her family there which was so nice.  I gave Leslie her gift, a sampler pack of mini cupcakes from my fave Bettie's Cakes as well as some Saratoga Springs themed candy treats from the Saratoga Candy Co. The funniest part was Leslie announced that she wasn't eating cupcakes anymore and I said, don't be mad at me so of course she said, you didn't bring me cupcakes?  When I showed her the cupcakes she said they were so pretty and they were small so she would not feel guilty and she seemed happy to get to share them with her family.

The cocktail party area was a small space and it was packed which also meant it was warm.  We drank pink champagne and sparkling water.  They had lots of fun little treats and hors d'oeuvres. We took pics and chatted with friends.  A bunch of us took the elevator up to the restroom and then said our goodbyes.

My mom and I walked a block away to Serendipity where I made dinner reservations for 8:30pm.  We got there around 8pm and checked in.  We waited outside for quite some time.  I think we finally got a table at 9pm.  It felt so good to finally sit down.  We had been standing through a large portion of the BE Event. My mom ordered the chili cheese nachos and I got the fried chicken.  Then we shared a frozen hot chocolate, yummy!  I braved it and took a lactaid and am happy to say I survived. While we were there, I am about 95% sure Babyface came in with his family and sat 2 tables away from us.  Since they were doing the family thing and not making a point of taking pics or anything, I wanted to let them have their privacy and family time.  My mom had no idea who he was and asked if he was a rapper.  I told her no and later found a song on iTunes to play for her so she could hear him. I bought some frozen hot chocolate mix for the BF, last time he tried a pouch and liked it so this time I got a canister. We took pics but my camera got cranky and said the memory card was full which was impossible because I deleted hundreds of pics before we left.  My mom took more pics with her camera and I deleted some pics from mine.

From there we walked to the subway and went to head back to Grand Central.  I went through the gate and then my mom's metro card kept getting rejected.  No clue why.  I finally had to go back through and waste my swipe to put more money on her card.  We got her through and then it kept rejecting my card in the machine so I could not add funds to it.  I got fed up and bought a 1-time pass and it would not swipe so I got completely fed up and said to heck with it and sneaked under the turnstile and said let's go!  We made it to Grand Central and finally found our gate.  I almost went to Pylones but felt like we should wait.  We were exhausted and could barely stand to be on our feet anymore.  Once they let us on the train it felt heavenly to sit down.  We waited as other boarded the train.  Then I saw my old friend Tony walking past the window.  I was like OMG, Tony!  Then he kept walking and walking way past where I was and I was not sure I had it in me to stand up let alone walk through the train cars to find him to say hi.  I felt bad but messaged him later.

We made it back to Yonkers and shared a cab with another woman.  She sat in back with my mom and I was in front with the driver.  We dropped her off and then headed back towards the hotel.  At a stop light,  a young woman asked if she could get in.  The driver said no and she got in the cab with my mom anyway.  The driver started to yell "NO" and "Get out!" and she refused.  The whole can wreaked of alcohol from her.  I could smell it through the tiny cab window between the front and back seat.  My mom and I looked at each other and pretty much did nothing.  It seemed like the best thing to do.  The light turned green and he refused to go so he pulled over and ordered her to get out.  She still kept making up excuses and going on and on, barely making sense and so very drunk.  Oh my poor mom.  The driver got out and opened her door and called the cops.  FINALLY she was willing to leave the cab.  The driver got back in the car and kept saying over and over, "these people are crazy!" I said, "and drunk" and he said, "yes drunk and crazy." LOL I asked my mom if she was ok and we headed back to the hotel.  By the time we got there we were all starting to laugh about it as the driver said he was sorry over and over.  I told him it wasn't his fault and paid him.  He deserved a much bigger tip than I could afford.  My mom declared that it was way too many modes of transportation for one day. We were so happy to be able to rest and relax after our hectic day.  My mom practically fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.  I wish I was so lucky.  I think I was too excited and hyped up and energized by the fun day and the fun day ahead.

Day 2:
I could not sleep well so finally I got up and started to check my email and verify direction info.  We got ready to go and packed our bags, then we checked out and I took my mom to Dunkin Donuts before we were on our way to Lake Grove, NY.  On the way to Smith Haven Mall for the next BE Event, I stopped at a Best Buy to get another memory card for my camera.  I had no clue what was wrong with my current one but 8GB should hold more than 50 pics and I didn't want to miss anything from today's event.

We got to the mall pretty easily.  No major traffic or delays and we were really early.  They said we could not check in until right before our appointment so we walked the mall.  I got a pretzel at Auntie Anne's and felt a bit better.  I was too tired to eat more than a granola bar earlier but needed to eat something.  We went to the BE boutique and Sephora.  In the BE boutique, I showed my mom my High Shine tube technique, the "shake, tap & swirl" and met a BE customer at the table who started to ask me questions.  She said they put Glisten on her eyes and I told her how pretty it looked and talked about the colors and how to use them.  Next thing I know, I look up and there is a professional video camera aimed at me...and I am naked faced.  Eek! I would be a little anxious even with make up on but sheesh! LOL I told myself to ignore it and go back to what I was doing because you always look better on camera when you don't worry about the fact that you are on camera. 

Finally, my mom wanted a coffee at Starbucks so we sat while she drank coffee and I checked my email and facebook page.  On our third try to check in, it was finally close enough to our appointment so we signed in and went to the skincare station. We cleansed and moisturized and eventually were escorted to the makeunder area.  While we waited, Leslie arrived.  She was dressed in leather and looked fabulous.  My mom went to have a makeunder and they were going to have her to go to Rachel again.  Though she loved Rachel, she wanted to try someone different so she went to Kimberly.  I was one of the lucky few to have an appointment with Bravon Pascua, the master himself.  I waited for him to finish Jaime's makeunder and snapped pics of Leslie's presentation and my mom getting her makeunder.  I saw Leslie's mother snapping photos of the event and Leslie and even of my mom getting her makeunder.  It was so nice to see Leslie's family there again.

Finally it was my turn to sit with Bravon.  How wonderful and exciting.  He feels like an old friend since I met him in San Francisco and we have been in touch on facebook.  I will tell you ALL the details I can remember and then some.  He took his time and taught me sooooo much.  I have tips and techniques to share with you.  He told me to tell everyone and I plan to!  He also wanted me to send you all his love.  During my makeunder, Leslie's husband Keith came over to talk to Bravon.  He said hi to me and then talked with Bravon. Then it was back to my makeunder.  Then a forum friend recognized me and took a pic with me, another friend and Bravon.  I had to give permission because my make up was far from done.  I think I only had foundation on but I was ok with it. The makeunder continued and then another person recognized me from online.  It was so funny.  She asked if I had a blog and introduced herself.  A little while later Bravon said to someone, "Don't you want Heather's face in the picture?" and I turned around and saw the friend who just asked about the blog.  We both posed for a pic mid-makeunder.  After that, Bravon said, "You're a celebrity."  Too funny!  After the makeunder, I have to say, everyone commented on how amazing my eyes looked.  I could not stop looking at myself in the mirror.

We did our BE shopping and I told my mom to feel free to go crazy and I would help her splurge. I declared that it was Christmas! LOL We tried to get in line to see Leslie again but were told the line ends at these two, which were my friend Jessica and her awesome sister.  We had fun chatting with them and eventually we ran out to see the BE bus and take pics.  I wanted to take a pic with Leslie after my fabulous Bravon makeunder but it was ok.  I had such an amazing time.  As Leslie was leaving she said bye to me and said she would see me on facebook. Alison also said hi and bye as they rushed out.

My mom and I went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch.  I saw the BE bus go bye and said loudly, "Bye Leslie!" and waved. People looked at me funny but I didn't care LOL  We took pics of ourselves while we waited for our food. My mom had salad and I had pan seared salmon. Delicious! Then we headed back to see how Jessica's makeunder with Bravon was going.  There was laughter and tears and a lot of fantastic fun. Bravon started to cry, then Jessica started to cry.  We pretty much spent the rest of the day with friends and Bravon until it was time to go.  It was starting to get late and I was exhausted and had a very long drive home. We said our sad goodbyes to as many people as we could find without interrupting other conversations.  So many people said my mom was cute that she declared that she "got her cute back." 
My mom and me and Smith Haven Mall

Our drive home was pretty hectic until we finally got off the island and headed north.  I was so happy to see a sign for Albany.  I got my mom home and as we pulled into the driveway a fat skunk went running across the driveway under the cars and eventually waddled as fast as it could up the hill.  Once we knew we were in the clear we unloaded her stuff from the car and said goodnight.  It felt good to get home but very weird and surreal to think of how much I had just done and the wonderful friends I had just been with but don't see often.  This was an amazing trip and I am so glad I went. 

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  1. It sounds like you had a great time. I'd love to meet Leslie - she seems like such a warm and genuine person. I'm loving all the pics of your haul too.

  2. You are a celebrity, Heather! Loved reading this post and the detailed posts of the two makeunders.

  3. Sounds like you all had a wonderful day. I wished that I could have made it out to Smith Haven Mall that day, but I was too tired from the trip. We had just come up from NC to visit my grandmother out on LI. I am loving all of the pics and tips from your makeunders. :D


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