Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My makeunder with Bravon Pascua of Bare Escentuals - Lots of tips and tricks!

Before I get started, I want you to know, at the end of this post I am including links to all the brushes and items used if they are currently available. 

On Saturday October 9, 2010 I had the rare and amazing opportunity to have a makeunder with Bravon Pascua, Bare Escentuals Global Master Artist. Let me tell you, he truly is the master.  Getting a makeunder with Bravon is unlike any other makeunder I have had.  Not only does he make you beautiful, but he teaches you about everything he is doing.  When I spoke to Bravon the night before in NYC at Bloomingdales, he told me I was lucky because he was only seeing about 8 people and it is so rare for him to do individual makeunders. This made me even more excited!  They took notes on what colors he used and his tips but I am sure they didn't get everything even though my paper is covered in writing so I am going to try as hard as I can to remember.  Some might think it was odd that I was so quiet during my makeunder, especially since Bravon is so sweet and easy to talk to, but I was simply observing and trying to take in EVERYTHING!

Bravon spends a lot more time than other artists during makeunders.  I knew it was worth it so I didn't mind waiting for him to take his with with the lovely lady scheduled before me. (Hi Jaime! *waves*) Eventually, Bravon told me to hop in the chair. First he applies Prime Time for eyes using his finger in a dabbing and gentle blending motion. I already had Prime Time for face applies at the skin prep station before the makeunder.

Then he color matched my foundation.  He said that Fairly Light matches my skin perfectly but Golden Fair makes me look healthier.  I told him that Alex used Golden Fair on me the day before so I had just bought some.  Bravon decided that since Golden Fair was new to me, we would work with that.
Thanks to Karyn R for the pic!
Bravon uses the heavenly face brush to apply foundation. He loves this brush! He also tends to use original foundation more than matte. He likes to start around the edge of the face first using a decent amount of pressure to truly buff the minerals in but still gentle enough for your skin.  He likes to do 2 layers of foundation, to allow the first one to really warm into your skin. Buff buff Buff!

Leslie's husband Keith stops by to talk to Bravon.  He says hi to me, last night he said he remembered me from San Francisco.  When they are done talking, Bravon is back to business.

Since the foundation brush doesn't really get under your eyes, he uses a max concealer brush and gently pats Bisque there.  After he applies the bisque, he uses the big daddy concealer brush (max coverage face brush) with foundation to gently press and roll it with your finger pressed into the bristles and onto your cheek.  You do this between the eye and cheek area to blend the concealer under the eyes with the rest of the foundation on the face. He also applies a little bisque around the nose area (which I almost always need anyway because of allergies). I told him I really needed to learn the under eye coverage tip because I get dark circles, or shiners, from bad allergies.  We chatted a bit about how terrible allergies are in NY.  "Is it because of all the trees?" - Bravon

This is around when some friends stopped by to say hi.  An online friend recognized me and wanted to say hi and take a pic.  Even though my make up wasn't done, I didn't mind LOL 

Bravon likes Faux Tan matte all over face color.  He says it is softer than warmth and looks very natural.  He applied this with the Flawless Face brush, starting with the top of the forehead and hitting the brows, the cheekbones, the T zone and under the jaw line.

After this, he applied blush.  Bravon used Aubergine blush but not alone.  He mixed Aubergine with Flawless Radiance to make it softer.  I have to say, this is GORGEOUS and I am wearing it like this again today.  To apply this, he had me smile so he hit the apples of my cheeks first.  He used the angled blush brush, then he blended it with the max concealer face brush. This part was kind of funny because he would say, "Smile" then "back to normal" then "smile" and again "back to normal" LOL

The Bravon applies mineral veil with the flawless face brush.  I was glad to know the order he does this in because I often would put MV on before my blush.

Bravon starts on my eyes.  He starts with a base of Flawless Radiance from lash to brow and then puts some above the brow to highlight.  He uses the double ended precision brush (contour shadow end) to apply Mistletoe to my lids. He says never put this kind of color above the crease unless you are doing a real evening look.  This is when he teaches me his important technique and tells me to tell everyone!

Bravon applies lid color by holding the brush up and down, not sideways.  This makes sure that color gets all the way to your lashes and stops at the crease. He says this works better because of the tapered bristles on the eye brushes.  To better explain how to do this, get the eye color on your brush, then hold the brush pointing up to the ceiling and apply with the brush upwards.  Bravon teaches this in the master class but it is not the same as having it done on your own eyes.  You can really see the difference.

***I keep getting asked and needed to double check on this one so I am adding this to the blog***
When Bravon does this upright eye brush technique, he applies with the head or top of the brush at the lashline and works his way up to the crease.  He sort of pats the color on this way to make sure the lashline gets all the color.

Next, Bravon applies Frills in the V of my eyes with the pointed end of the double ended precision brush.  He says to stay in the crease V area.  See picture for V area.  He goes a bit bigger with the V area than I do so I am going to try this bigger now. He blends with the crease defining brush. 

Thanks nessasarymakeup.com for the pic

Then he applies Flawless Radiance to the sides of my eyes.  If you draw a C shape from above your brow around down to below the corner of your eye, this is the place.  He applies it with his fingers to warm up the Flawless Radiance and get it to really morph into my skin.  He says so you can tell something is going on there but you don't quite know what.  I think he also applied more flawless radiance to my eyes but I am not 100% sure.  He said Flawless Radiance and Mistletoe go great together because they both have some gold in them.

This is when another online friend who stops by to say hello.  She asked if I had a blog and I said yes.  She said she had to stop staring at me and find out if it was me.  She was very nice.  Then a little while later, Bravon says to someone behind me, "Don't you want Heather's face in the picture?" I turn around and it is her so he and I pose for a pic, even though my make up still isn't done yet LOL  Bravon turns back to me and says, "You're a celebrity."

Bravon uses the fan brush under the eyes to sweep away anything that may have fallen onto the cheeks while doing the eye make up. 

Next he uses Charbronze Big & Bright liner.  He lined the top & very lightly the lower lashline, then lightly lined the waterline.  Then he smudged it out on the top and lower lashline to blend. With the Big & Bright liners, Bravon gave the the technique that you don't just apply in one big line, you drag it over and over to layer it and build up the application.  He did a demo on the back of his hand. He then used the heavenly liner brush to apply Opal to the inner 1/3 or so of the bottom lashes. 
Thanks to Karyn R for the pic!

Bravon applies brow color with the full edge liner brush, not the brow brush.  He used dark blonde/medium brown brow color on me.  He also said the slanted liner brush is good for brows.

He applies Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara in black.  Bravon uses a tissue and dabs the tip of the mascara wand on it to get rid of the little glob at the end.  He didn't tell me this but I saw him do it.

Bravon's big tadah with eyes is to apply Opal eye color using an eye shaping brush, he used the new pink one from Beyond Gorgeous.  What he does is he applies this to the center of the eye, from lash to brow. This give a brightening wow affect.

With the lips, he started with Natural lip liner.  He blended it with Creampuff 100% natural lipstick.  After that, he mixed Citrus Tart 100% Lip Gloss with a little Opal eye color and applied it with a lip brush to my lips.
Thanks to Karyn R for the pic!

This is when I finally get off the chair to see my look and I am giddy.  I just say I love it and have the biggest smile on my face.  Of course, we have to pose for tons of pics and then it is time to go shop with my mom in the Bare Escentuals boutique.

Bravon wanted me to tell everyone his tips and to send you all his love! 

I have to give many thanks to my awesome friends for helping take pics during and after my makeunder.  It seems like everyone else got better shots of the eye colors than I did and I am so happy they did!!!  Most shocking of all, I did not sleep well the night before this.  You can't tell at all.  I <3 Bare Escentuals and Bravon!

Everywhere I went I got complimented on my stunning or gorgeous eyes.  Everyone from BE stopped me to say something.  I would simply wave my hand at my eyes and say "Bravon." I adored this makeunder look and felt so sad on my whole drive home anytime I thought about the fact that I had to wash it off.  I kept it on until almost 3am and finally had to let it go and go to bed LOL

The finished look:
Thanks to Jessica Sparkles D. for the pics!

Thanks to Jessica Sparkles D. for the pic
Thanks to Karyn R. for this fab pic of me with Bravon!

Products used during my makeunder:
Full Edge Liner Brush
Heavenly Liner Brush
Crease Brush
Faux Tan matte
Mineral Veil
Aubergine Blush
Flawless Radiance
Prime Time for Face
Prime Time for Eyes
Opal Eye Color
Mistletoe Eye Color - coming out soon in the All Wrapped Up Collection
Frills Eye Color, Charbronze B&B Liner and Eye Shaping brush can all be found in the Beyond Gorgeous Collection
Brow Color
Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara
100% Natural Lip Liner
Creampuff 100% Natural Lipstick
Citrus Tart 100% Natural Lipgloss
Lip Brush

I am not affiliated with Bare Escentuals.  Any personal statements about products are based on personal use. No items discussed were gifts. Pin It StumbleUpon


  1. Very nice Heather! Lucky you! Thanks for sharing the tips!!

  2. Thanks for posting your experience with Bravon. I forgot about a lot of those tips he shared, so thanks for reminding me! You look beautiful! Bravon did a great job!!

  3. Thanks Jaime & Kelly!

    I didn't take notes at the master class I went to but it was so much clearer when he was doing my make up.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this! I feel like I was there. :)

  5. I almost felt like I was there with you Heather! Great write up and I'm sooo jealous of your make-under -- sounds like you had a fabulous time with Bravon! I'm going to try out his opal trick tomorrow I think <3

  6. Heather - Thanks so much for the great detail from your makeunder with Bravon. That eye look he did for you is outstanding, and I love the Golden Fair foundation on you.

  7. Heather I tried the foundation technique that Bravon used on you, but found that I looked a lot more "made up" than usual. Just how much buffing did he do? And when you looked in the mirror could you see the powdery finish or did you simply look flawless?!

  8. Vanessa, He does A LOT of buffing. Also, he takes a long time so you want to be sure not to use too much foundation to make sure it buffs into your skin well but doesn't show up like too much once it warms to your skin. I looked flawless when I looked in the mirror. I didn't see powder. Once in a while on my own I might look a little too powdery and usually that is from using too much foundation or simply not using enough moisturizer before.


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