Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Bare Escentuals Bloomingdales Makeunder with Alex Pappas

During the Big Buffing Road Trip Event at Bloomingdales in NYC, my mom and I were both scheduled for makeunders at 4:15pm.  We got there early and had skincare done early so we had a bit of a wait.  We were taken to the makeunder area when they needed the chairs for the skin prep area and waited there too.  We had been scheduled for appointments with Dondrea and Amber but they were still working with their previous appointments so they changed things around.  My mom sat with Rachel Lake and I sat with Alex Pappas who I know from my previous trip to NYC so it was great to sit with her.

When you get a makeunder at a BE event, they have a paper so everything can be written down that is used.  At these events, someone else was filling this out so sometimes it is hard for me to know what they meant but I at least know what colors and brushes were used. 

For skin prep, I simply used the Rare Minerals Renew & Reveal Cleanser and then the Rare Minerals Moisture Burst Facial Mist.  She did not want me to use the moisturizers because of my soy allergy. Then they applied Prime Time for face (original formula). 

Alex asked me what I wanted and I told her to do whatever she wanted.  She seemed really excited by that and so was I.  I figure, why not let the artist do what they think will look awesome on you.

She decided to have me wear Golden Fair foundation.  It was close between Fairly Light and Golden Fair but she asked someone else and they agreed that Golden Fair looked nice. She applied my foundation with the heavenly face brush. She didn't use any bisque, just concealed with the Max Coverage Brush and foundation.

She used faux tan matte as my all over face color. This was applied with a flawless face brush.  After that, she used Pink Ribbon blush and applied it with the Soft Focus Face Brush.  She finished off the face look with the new Golden Mineral Veil duo.

She applied Prime Time for eyes.  Then she applied Garland eye color and True Gold eye color to my lids using the Double Ended Precision Eye Brush. Then she applied the Gift, Garland and Sex Kitten.  She used the crease defining brush for the Gift, not sure about the other two. Then she applied Chocolate Big & Bright Eyeliner. She used dark blonde/medium brown brow color. Then finished off the eye look with Flawless Definition Mascara in Black.

For my lips, she used shell liner.  Then she went over it with the new lip palette called DeLISH.

Now the pics! I wish the eye pics showed more detail.  I took them while sitting in Serendipity waiting for our food and their lighting is kind of dim LOL Don't miss that I am wearing the earrings I won from Leslie in these pics.  They were a big hit at the event!

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  1. Very pretty, Heather! It sounds like you had a fun time at your makeunder. I still prefer your peepers in greens and purples tho.
    Kindest Regards,
    OM girl

  2. Thanks OM girl! I am a green and purple lover but this was really gorgeous and different for me. So golden that it actually made my eye color look gold! The pics don't quite show how cool it looked.


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