Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hildene Fall Arts Festival 2010

Today, I finally made it to the Hildene Fall Arts Festival in Manchester, VT. This has been an annual fall tradition of mine for years.  It is always a fun day and a great way to see lots of fun handmade items, of course that means some shopping too.

Normally, the festival runs Fr - Sun.  We drove all the way there yesterday in the rain to find out it was canceled.  I didn't let that get me down.  We went shopping at the Northshire Bookstore which is one of the best bookstores ever. Then we had a yummy lunch at Christo's Pizza & Pasta. We stopped in Saratoga Springs at Bettie's Cakes for cupcakes on the way home.  I decided I was still up for the festival so one friend and I drove back to VT today.

The weather was perfect, sunny but cool. We saw some old favorites and lots of new stuff too.  Here is my fun haul.

Adornments by Lisa Bess 
One of my all time favorites! I have bought jewelry from her for years and years.  Her stuff is artsy and unique, affordable and often made from found, recycled or vintage items.

Novation Glass
Another favorite that I love. I have a lot of her work.  She has some of the best prices for dichroic glass jewelry and there is always something new. 

Peter M Jewelry
This is my first purchase from Peter M. The booth was swamped.  Took a while to find what I wanted.  I love rose gold tone jewelry and this one really stood out to me. 
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  1. I love the 2nd necklace you got!

  2. Thanks! She told me they are vintage rhinestones from the 40s (I think). It is even prettier in person.


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