Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cake live at Northern Lights in Clifton Park NY

Last night I went to see Cake perform at Northern Lights in Clifton Park, NY.  Most exciting part about it was that I won the tickets by calling in to my fave radio station, WEQX, in April.  I never win anything so this was very exciting.  Not sure if Leslie Blodgett really rubbed some of her luck off on me or not.  Many people think I am lucky but most of the time I have to earn everything I get. I more often get selected to get something than win a drawing or contest of some kind.  How rarely do I win things you ask?  My boyfriend was in utter disbelief that I won these tickets and asked me to get proof from the radio station so I emailed them and gave them a good laugh by asking them to simply email and say, yes you won LOL

We got in line and were told no cameras so I was sent back to my car to put mine away.  We went in, were on "the list" and found a tolerable spot to stand.  It is so hard being short at a show that doesn't have stadium style seating.  There is always someone tall who magically stands in front of you and blocks the view, some of them outright know they barged in front of you and don't care which makes me angrily visualize knocking them down and out of my way but I remained calm and enjoyed that once in a while I could actually see the guys on stage, though it was usually just a glimpse of a face.

Even though I couldn't see that well, I still had a great time.  This crowd was so much better than the crowd for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs last year.  The people were more mellow, no one was trying to beat each other up or throw beer at you. No big buys were getting in fights with little girls. It was really warn in there but nothing like how gross it was when we saw YYY's during Aug last year.  That was like being in an oven full of sweaty people who kept knocking into you.  Gross! So anyway, back to Cake.

The show was tons of fun.  They played lots of new music, took a break after about an hour and came back out to play for another hour.  They were very into this being an "experience" and anti photography.  Somehow people got cameras in anyway, probably in pockets, and he commented multiple times to please stop and just enjoy the experience.  It was a fun show since the in-between songs banter was quite entertaining.  At one point they gave away a red delicious apple tree.  He insisted that it had to go to a responsible adult and one guy was told, "I don't think you are a responsible adult if you are the one who has been yelling out women's body parts." They made the sides of the place compete against each other by singing, then put the men against the women.  Women were decided to be more powerful because they have babies.  No one won between the 2 sides because he secretly just wanted to get a stereo affect going LOL At one point, he asked when they invented stereos, the 50s or 60s.  Someone in the crowd said, who cares and he said, "I care and I'm the one with the microphone." 

After the 2 sets, the crowd chanted "Cake Cake Cake Cake..." You get the picture.  Eventually people got out of my way, hooray and Cake came back and played some of their hits which are crowd favorites.  What a great way to end the show.  I felt really happy and energized. 

To me, Cake is still pretty popular. I didn't know they were supposedly more known nationwide in the 90s because my radio station still plays them and they still make new music and I love it all.  A lot of my online friends have asked who they are so I am going to include a few videos that might help you remember, if you knew who they were in the 90s that is.  It probably depends on what music you tend to listen to.  They can also be heard as the theme song on Chuck on NBC

Here is a video from the encore last night "Short Skirt/Long Jacket":

"I Will Survive" Video (they didn't play this one last night but you are very likely to remember it):

"The Distance" Video:
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