Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bare Escentuals Beyond Gorgeous Collection

The other thing I ordered from Preview Night was the Beyond Gorgeous Collection.  It is a 9 piece kit.  I love the packaging.  I have a thing for unique boxes that can be reused.  I think the colors are great.  Many have commented that it looks similar to the Girlfriend Collection so I am going to include pics so you can compare.

This collection comes with a Mineral Veil, a blush, 2 eye colors, 2 pink handled brushes, a Big & Bright liner pencil, a 100% natural lip gloss and the Volumizing flawless definition mascara.  I am pretty sure I have use for every item in the kit. The colors look like they will work on all skin tones.  I am very neutral toned so I can easily wear both warm and cool.  I think I will wear this collection today, so stay tuned for a post later today.

On with the pics!

Swatches of eye colors are dry first, then foiled with water. 
No Flash:

The Girlfriend Collection Swatches for Comparison: 
To me they are a similar color family but I find the GF Collection to be a bit warmer toned and less sparkly. More peachy than pink, more matte than shimmer, more green than bronze. The photo below was taken with flash so you can view it close to the Beyond Gorgeous flash swatches above. 

I am not affiliated with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use. Pin It StumbleUpon


  1. BEautiful, I must have it... Love! "Marie"

  2. They look sooo pretty!!Thanks for the swatches hun!!!

  3. My mom was sweet enough to buy this for me, and I got it yesterday. It is the cutest packaging ever.

  4. Would you say that Frills is more grey than brown? It's so hard to tell. I saw it at the boutique,and in the jar,Frills looks dark grey. I am also on the fence abou the Perfect Gift, because it seems Magnifique is similar,it looks grey worn on some,and plummy brown on others. To difficult to decide.

  5. To me, frills is more gray than purple. It has a colorful undertone but I find it different than magnifique which is a definite brown plum color.

  6. Thank you,Heather! I am going to get Beyond Gorgeous for my birthday coming in early January.

  7. It is marked down on the BE website so probably in the boutiques too. I hope you get the awesome discount on top of your bday discount!


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