Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Project Renewal - Update

Many of you might remember that I was working on a Project Renewal based on the encouragement from Leslie Blodgett who is doing the same and wanted us all to join in with her.  I was feeling the need for something similar in my life and then there she was.  Funny how it often works that way.  Well, I had a very hectic summer full of unexpected obstacles so some items are delayed but I refuse to be hard on myself about it.  Here is what I have to report:

The list I posted in May 2010 and how I have done with it so far: 

  • Learn to crochet, knit &/or loom knit (at least one of them) (no progress yet but still looking forward to it)
  • Listen to CDs to learn languages, starting with Italian (no progress yet but still looking forward to it)
  • Read more (finished some books, depends on if I find it an easy book to get into so yay, did well with this)
  • Meditate everyday (no such luck but planning to work on it.  I think I need CDs to guide me)
  • Do yoga on days I don't have yoga class, especially in the office (been doing stretching or yoga here and there at work.  Started going to a chiropractor who told me I need to get up every 30 min, do stretches or be more active)
  • Workout at least 3-5 times a week and not the same old DVD I always do, time to change things up (this fell threw but I am planning to start up again now that I am less stressed)
  • Paint, Draw and make collages more (I did a couple little things but not as much as I hoped.  I bought some small cheap art supplies to keep at the office so I can have stress relief at work during my break)
  • Use all the fancy Adobe software I bought for artistic purposes for more than just cropping pictures (have not done this yet but hoping to create a new website soon)
  • Eat healthier, work on portion control, try to acknowledge my emotions and figure out if I am hungry or just not dealing with my feelings or boredom (slowly working on this, very hard to do when life is so stressful but I feel like the time is better now.)
  • Go for walks as often as possible on work days (been doing this when it isn't too icky and hot out)
  • Bring a creative project to work to enjoy on a break (sketchbook or crochet/knit project) (DONE!)
  • Try to limit food allergens more, especially dairy (depends on the day but I am now fed up with no feeling well and being so bloaty so I am really going to crack down on this more. I have plans to do non-dairy baking and see how that helps.)
  • Eat less processed food (doing pretty well with this)
  • Do more giveaways on my blog! (did this too and hope to do more!)
The other part of project renewal is doing things that are new to you or things you used to do but haven't in a really long time.  Some things I have done with this: 

  • Went on a 2 night/3 day trip to NYC by myself.  Visited the Guggenheim for the 1st time, parts of Central Park I have never seen, ate at restaurants that I have never been to, went to South Street Seaport for the first time, sat in the front row for a Broadway show, went to Top of the Rock for the night skyline for the 1st time, met up with friends in NYC for the 1st time, shopped at bakeries I have never been too and upgraded a train ticket for the first time.  What a fabulous trip!
  • Bought a new car, first one ever to be all mine, 100% bought by me
  • Started to promote my own blog, got lots of new fans and readers and love it! 
  • Took my walks during work on new unusual routes to see new parts of the town where I work
  • My officemate and I had our office rearranged and we redecorated to make things have better feng shui
  • 100% Pure sent me mascara to test and review.  First company to send me anything, very exciting! Usually I buy everything myself LOL 
  • Got together with a bunch of girls from high school for a day at the beach and then at a local bar.  I have not spent time with anyone from high school in years and part of me was avoiding it but this was a blast.  
  • Signed up to join an online art group.  I was invited by a friend and former coworker.  We are going to create pieces of art, usually out of something recycled and then mail them to each person on the list in order.  The originator of the piece will get the final piece and then share photos online. 
  • I was invited to join in a birthday video project for Leslie Blodgett's birthday.  So glad to participate. I broke out my art supplies and created a free hand sign and ran around the apartment trying to take photos of myself. The video came out great and I am so happy to have been a part of it. 

I am sure there is more but this is what I can remember off the top of my head.  Is anyone else working on this?  How have you been doing?  Pin It StumbleUpon

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