Saturday, August 21, 2010

NYC Day 2

I woke up around 9am, not well rested but I had lots to do and could not sleep so I got up.  Once I was ready, I headed to the lobby for my heading out check in with email and facebook.  Then I went to Alice's Teacup for breakfast.  This is such a cute place.  They had a few of them in the city.  I got a waffle and could barely finish it.  My appetite was still a bit off. After Alice's, I headed down a block to the subway and headed to South Street Seaport.  

Once I got to Fulton Street, I walked a bit to get to South Street Seaport.  I wasn't there for the Seaport but for their TKTS booth.  Yes, there is more than one TKTS booth in NYC.  The one in Time Square has an insanely long line with an even more insanely long wait and they don't open until 2 or 3pm.  The South Street Seaport TKTS booth is open at 11am and the line is not bad at all.  I was in line for maybe 30 min or so.  I got in, asked about the 2 shows that were posted that interested me, Billy Elliot an A Little Night Music.  The only tickets for Billy Elliot were in the mezzanine so I asked about A Little Night Music and he said orchestra so I said yes.  Tickets were half off, hooray.  I was all set. I went to the Seaport to see it, snapped a couple pics and walked back towards the subway with one important stop at a vendor at the start of the Seaport that sells orchid jewelry, Hanami. They make jewelry out of real orchids.  I ended up with 2 gorgeous pairs of earrings and went to the subway.

I got on the subway and headed to Time Square because it was almost time to meet with my BE friends for lunch.  I had arranged way ahead of time to have lunch with some of my Bare Escentuals friends and then we would all get cupcakes and head to the Time Square BE boutique. I got to the lunch spot early so I waited for people, Ellen's Stardust Diner.  We ha a few last minute cancellations and a couple no shows but it was still a great group.  It is so fun to meet people in person who you have talked to online for a long time. We headed in for a table and they could not sit us all at the same table like he had implied he could on the phone but we were right next to each other which is what other restaurants said they would have to do which is why I picked this place.  Oh well, it was still fun.  Food was okay, not the usual thrilling food of NYC but this is Time Square, a huge tourist trap mecca.  Just glad we didn't eat at a chain restaurant for twice the price we normally would.  The pros of Ellen's Stardust Diner, the waitstaff sings which is fun if you like that, which I do.  It has a great location and the decor is fun, all retro and 50s.  The menu has a good variety. 

After lunch, we headed up to the next block to get cupcakes at Crumbs Bake Shop. I bought 2 but didn't eat them now to avoid any potential tummy issues on my trip. We walked down to the Time Square BE boutique and had the most fabulous time.  This is my favorite BE boutique ever! The manager Kathy and her girls are so nice, they remember you, they treated us like royalty.  We stayed there for hours, chatting, taking pics, and of course shopping. BE knew we were coming and sent us some goodies, samples of the Purifying Cleanser and Wrinkle Plumping Concentrate.  This boutique feels like my home base in NYC now.  I adore it.  It feels like home to me. It is bigger than many boutiques and very pretty but that isn't why I love it, it is the vibe and the people. A BE friend who couldn't make it to the lunch stopped by to say hi and it was great to meet her, especially since we are originally from the same area.  Eventually, BE friends started to need to go so we said our goodbyes and the last group of us slowly made our way out, as soon as I got some eye color samples LOL  We walked over to M&M World and had some fun browsing and taking pics.  Outside, I said goodbye to the last group of my BE girls. I walked to the subway with Karyn and headed back to my hotel to freshen up and drop off my shopping bags. I have to say, I was so tired that I could barely even remember the name of the show I was going to see.  I kept wanting to mix the title A Little Night Music with Summer Magic that I used to watch as a kid and Midsummer Night's Dream LOL

After I felt cooled off and retouched my Bare Escentuals, I headed to the Shake Shack for dinner.  I had a basic burger and fries with an orange soda.  Then I got on the subway and headed back down to Time Square.  I walked over to the BE boutique again, to cool off and say hi since I hadn't been there in an hour or two LOL I was told that my make up was flawless, so I love them even more.  I got to meet another wonderful BE employee and touched up my blackberry lip gloss before I headed to the show.

The Walter Kerr Theatre where A Little Night Music is showing is around the corner from the boutique so once I felt refreshed I walked over.  Once I got in, I was pointed in the direction of my seat.  I asked another person who pointed to keep going.  Then I got to the right section and was told to go down to the front row and I was the 2nd seat in....WHAT!?!?!?! My ticket was for row B and most seating charts I looked at had double letter rows (AA, BB, CC) before single letter rows (A, B, C), plus it was B, not A.  I got to my seat and I was front row center.  I was giddy, I could not believe it.  OMG! OMG! OMG!  I was in the front row, feet touching the stage kind of front row, I can touch the actors (if I want to get kicked out) front row. WOW!!!!  Not only that but this show had Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch in it.  Two entertainment world and Broadway icons. The show is funny, the singing fabulous and it was just plain fun.  Elaine Stritch steals the show. Bernadette is as amazing as ever.  The rest of the cast is extremely talented and has such great comedic timing.  This was by far the perfect show for me to go see. I loved it! After the show, you can wait around gates to see who comes out and hope to get a picture and/or autograph.  I was able to meet Erin Davie (Countess Charlotte Malcolm), Leigh Ann Larkin (Petra) and Hunter Ryan Herdlicka (Henrik Egerman). I was too short to get my program to Aaron Lazar (Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm) and when Bernadette Peters came out, I was totally blocked by ginormous tall people and no one would pass my program up for me, BOOOOO! Those people left and I got in front to see her signing autographs for the other side but she got in her car and didn't come back to my side. After front row seats where she actually made eye contact with me and smiled at me during the standing ovation, I guess I am okay with not getting a pic or autograph though I still would have loved it. It was almost midnight by the time I left and made my way to the subway.  I let the BF know I was alive and well via text and went back to the hotel. Time to start packing and try to rest after such an exciting day.
Erin Davie who plays Countess Charlotte Malcolm
Leigh Ann Larkin who plays Petra and Hunter Ryan Herdlicka who plays Henrik Egerman
Bernadette Peters signing autographs

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