Saturday, August 7, 2010

BE Nirvana - the sequel - Update

I am working on my 2nd Bare Escentuals Nirvana. This is a mission to wear all of my eye colors, trying not to repeat them, until I have worn them all at least once. Last time it was all new to me. I did not buy much new until I was close to the end. This time, I am a big more laid back about it. I simply have a printed list of all my eye colors and cross names off as I wear them. I have bought some new Bare Escentuals items since I started but I haven't gone crazy and splurged like I do around the holidays and my birthday.

So far, I have worn 64 eye colors and I am pretty sure I have only repeated 2 of them which tells me I really love Nude Beach and Soiree. It is very different this time around as I have the Big & Bright eye liners to contend with. I tend to grab them all the time, especially on work days so it might take me longer to wear all my BE eye liners.

I have hardly worn any of the colors from my clearance She Space purchases but I will get through those too. Might even end up giving some away as I have more than I know what to do with. Pin It StumbleUpon

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