Wednesday, August 4, 2010

100% Pure Lengthening Mascara Review

100% Pure sent me one mascara in each color from their collection so I could review them.  I have used their mascaras in the past but it was fun to have them all at once and be able to take notes and photos to document how I liked them.  Here goes...

The mascara is nice, very gentle on the eyes, it does make a visible difference in lash size and length. They smell really great which is odd for a mascara. The blueberry and blackberry ones smell fruity, the dark chocolate smells like chocolate and the black tea smells more normal. I guess that is good because if they no longer smell good, it helps you keep track of when you need to toss them.

My eyes are extremely sensitive and I have allergy problems all the time so a nice gentle mascara that looks great is something I look for.  I felt like my eyes really popped with these mascaras.  My BF even noticed the purple tones when I wore the blackberry mascara. They go on smooth, not all clumpy.  My lashes look great!  I think the new shape of the mascara brush makes a difference. It seems to help separate lashes and give a good coat.  I didn't wear any eye liner in the pics so you truly see the lashes.

It is great to find a natural fruit based mascara.  For more information & a list of ingredients, go to the 100% Pure website. 

Here are some pics:

Black Tea -  
Blackberry -
Blueberry -
Dark Chocolate - 

Before (NO make up):

Black Tea Mascara  (2 views)

Blackberry Mascara (only 1 coat, usually I do 2)

Blueberry Mascara:

Dark Chocolate Mascara:

I am in an affiliate program with 100% Pure Cosmetics.  The 100% Pure company sent me these items in order to write a review but my review is not biased based on receiving these items.
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  2. I really like how the mascara livens up your lashes...they really look nice! :-)

  3. It looks really nice Heather. I've been thinking of checking out this brand. Can you do a post sometime on your favorite products from this brand? I know you like the eye cream too. Or maybe a post on your favorite skin care products? I'm really looking to go with more natural products and would love to hear your faves. :)

  4. Thanks Sheila. I did a review of 100% pure stuff a while ago but I think I have new items and new opinions so I will post more about their stuff and about my fave skincare soon!


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