Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Project Renewal - Update

Many of you might remember that I was working on a Project Renewal based on the encouragement from Leslie Blodgett who is doing the same and wanted us all to join in with her.  I was feeling the need for something similar in my life and then there she was.  Funny how it often works that way.  Well, I had a very hectic summer full of unexpected obstacles so some items are delayed but I refuse to be hard on myself about it.  Here is what I have to report:

The list I posted in May 2010 and how I have done with it so far: 

  • Learn to crochet, knit &/or loom knit (at least one of them) (no progress yet but still looking forward to it)
  • Listen to CDs to learn languages, starting with Italian (no progress yet but still looking forward to it)
  • Read more (finished some books, depends on if I find it an easy book to get into so yay, did well with this)
  • Meditate everyday (no such luck but planning to work on it.  I think I need CDs to guide me)
  • Do yoga on days I don't have yoga class, especially in the office (been doing stretching or yoga here and there at work.  Started going to a chiropractor who told me I need to get up every 30 min, do stretches or be more active)
  • Workout at least 3-5 times a week and not the same old DVD I always do, time to change things up (this fell threw but I am planning to start up again now that I am less stressed)
  • Paint, Draw and make collages more (I did a couple little things but not as much as I hoped.  I bought some small cheap art supplies to keep at the office so I can have stress relief at work during my break)
  • Use all the fancy Adobe software I bought for artistic purposes for more than just cropping pictures (have not done this yet but hoping to create a new website soon)
  • Eat healthier, work on portion control, try to acknowledge my emotions and figure out if I am hungry or just not dealing with my feelings or boredom (slowly working on this, very hard to do when life is so stressful but I feel like the time is better now.)
  • Go for walks as often as possible on work days (been doing this when it isn't too icky and hot out)
  • Bring a creative project to work to enjoy on a break (sketchbook or crochet/knit project) (DONE!)
  • Try to limit food allergens more, especially dairy (depends on the day but I am now fed up with no feeling well and being so bloaty so I am really going to crack down on this more. I have plans to do non-dairy baking and see how that helps.)
  • Eat less processed food (doing pretty well with this)
  • Do more giveaways on my blog! (did this too and hope to do more!)
The other part of project renewal is doing things that are new to you or things you used to do but haven't in a really long time.  Some things I have done with this: 

  • Went on a 2 night/3 day trip to NYC by myself.  Visited the Guggenheim for the 1st time, parts of Central Park I have never seen, ate at restaurants that I have never been to, went to South Street Seaport for the first time, sat in the front row for a Broadway show, went to Top of the Rock for the night skyline for the 1st time, met up with friends in NYC for the 1st time, shopped at bakeries I have never been too and upgraded a train ticket for the first time.  What a fabulous trip!
  • Bought a new car, first one ever to be all mine, 100% bought by me
  • Started to promote my own blog, got lots of new fans and readers and love it! 
  • Took my walks during work on new unusual routes to see new parts of the town where I work
  • My officemate and I had our office rearranged and we redecorated to make things have better feng shui
  • 100% Pure sent me mascara to test and review.  First company to send me anything, very exciting! Usually I buy everything myself LOL 
  • Got together with a bunch of girls from high school for a day at the beach and then at a local bar.  I have not spent time with anyone from high school in years and part of me was avoiding it but this was a blast.  
  • Signed up to join an online art group.  I was invited by a friend and former coworker.  We are going to create pieces of art, usually out of something recycled and then mail them to each person on the list in order.  The originator of the piece will get the final piece and then share photos online. 
  • I was invited to join in a birthday video project for Leslie Blodgett's birthday.  So glad to participate. I broke out my art supplies and created a free hand sign and ran around the apartment trying to take photos of myself. The video came out great and I am so happy to have been a part of it. 

I am sure there is more but this is what I can remember off the top of my head.  Is anyone else working on this?  How have you been doing?  Pin It StumbleUpon

Monday, August 30, 2010

My top choice for all natural hand cream

My top choice for all natural hand lotion is...

Yes to Carrots Hand & Elbow Moisturizing Cream!
I love this hand cream.  It really penetrates your skin and moisturizes.  I love to put it on before bed and wake up with super soft hands.  The scent is pleasant and not overwhelming.  No matter how dry or cracked my hands are, this stuff helps.  Made with dead sea minerals and paraben free! What more can you ask for!

Honorable Mention:

Lather aha hand creme with evening primrose
Another great hand creme, keeps hands soft and really soaks into your skin well.  Also paraben free! 

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

A birthday tribute to BE's Leslie Blodgett

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

My top choice for all natural facial scrub

My top choice for all natural facial scrubs is:

100% Pure Cherry Honey Facial Scrub
Now this is an awesome face scrub.  My face feels so soft when I use it and it really makes a difference.  My skin looks brighter.  I don't use this daily, though you can.  I prefer it as a treat for my face once or twice a week.  The one issue you can have with this scrub is that the honey can crystallize but you just need to boil some water and stick the jar in it and the scrub becomes usable again.  This scrub is not only vegetarian friendly, it is also gluten free. This company does not test on animals. 

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BE look with Seashell, Loli & Crown

I am wearing:
  • BE Brightening Prime Time for face
  • BE Fairly Light Foundation
  • BE Bisque mixed with Summer Bisque as concealer
  • BE Tinted Feather Light (illuminating) Mineral Veil
  • BE Warmth
  • BE TTYL Blush
  • BE prime time for eyes
  • BE Seashell from lash to brow
  • BE Loli foiled on outer 2/3 of lid
  • BE Crown in crease & V
  • BE B&B Liner in Midnight
  • BE Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara in Black
  • BE Sticky Buns 100% Lipstick with Muffin Top 100% Natural Lip Gloss

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Friday, August 27, 2010

My top choice for all natural body scrub

My top choice for all natural body scrub is Lather's Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub.

This is an awesome scrub to use before you shave your legs or use faux tan or just to have super smooth soft skin. Infused with essential oils of lemongrass, geranium, petit grain, vetivert and ylang ylang to give it a light, refreshing scent. It is both paraben- and sulfate-free too! A little bit goes a long way.  This is available at Lather's website but also at QVC. It is pretty popular, they even sell it in tub size!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My top choice for all natural Lip Balm

Here is the start of my top choices blog series.  Hope you enjoy it!

My #1 choice for all natural lip balm is: 

I absolutely love this stuff and wear it every night when I go to bed. My favorite one is Berry though I also wear Citrus on occasion. Sometimes, I will grab it when my lips feel in dire need of moisture during the day, though normally I wear lipstick or gloss during the day.  It is all natural.  They do not test on animals and it contains no Parabens, Petroleum or Phthalates!   What you put on your lips not only absorbs into your skin quickly but it is also often digested so this is one of the places where going all natural is of utmost importance!  It is the winner of Fitness Beauty Awards 2008-Best Organic Lip Smoother.

Honorable Mention:

You can't beat Burt's Bees.  All natural for years! I don't wear this as often because it can be a little drying for me but I am guessing that is because it has soybean oil in it and I have a mild soy allergy.  Normally I love to grab it during the day for a minty tingle on my lips. 

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thursday night is Glammy Night at Bare Escentuals - 20% off!!!

In celebration of winning their 6th annual Glammy Award, Bare Escentuals is hosting Glammy Night!

Between 5-9pm EDT you can get 20% off at Bare Escentuals boutiques and at www.bareescentuals.com
To get the discount online, use code GLAMMY at checkout.
For more info see: Email Announcement From BE

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A look with the Bare Escentuals Royal Treatment Collection

I finally wore this collection today and I have to say I LOVE it! Collection is available at QVC. Item # A203815

I am wearing:
  • Bare Escentuals Prime Time for face
  • Bare Escentuals Foundation in Fairly Light
  • BE Bisque mixed with Summer Bisque as Concealer
  • BE Tinted Feather Light Mineral Veil (also known as tinted illuminating MV)
  • BE Warmth
  • BE Giddy Pink Blush (also brushed over eyes)
  • BE King lash to brow
  • BE Crown in crease, V & outer 1/3 of lid
  • BE Crown wetlined
  • BE flawless definition volumizing mascara in Black
  • BE 100% Natural Lip Gloss in Beignet

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Bare Escentuals - Royal Treatment, Pout Patisserie & Unforgettable

I got some new Bare Escentuals items this week and wanted to share some pics. I got the Royal Treatment and Pout Patisserie from QVC last weekend and picked up Unforgettable at the BE Boutique in NYC.

Natural Light, first dry then foiled
Flash, , first dry then foiled

I already have Berry Rush so I only swatched the colors that are new to me

Unforgettable Charity Color
Natural light, first dry then foiled
Flash, first dry then foiled

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NYC Day 3

And finally, my last day in the city.  I was sad to be done but very happy at the same time.  I missed my BF and the comforts of home.  I had trouble sleeping the night before so I was pretty tired out Thurs morning.  I got up, got ready and packed the last of my things. I kept hearing all kinds of loud noise outside my door while I was getting ready to go, when I opened the hotel room door, I found out why.  I opened the door to see 2 Asian men on the floor with tools and the entire floor of my whole hallway was chopped up wood!!!!!  I was in shock but was very tempted to take a pic LOL I stood there and one man spoke in a foreign language to the other one and just kept saying thank you to me over and over again and opened the hall door for me so I could get out.  I could not even close my hotel room door and kept asking him to do it while I pointed at it and he just kept saying thank you.  I shook my head and went downstairs to check out.  Upon check out, I was told I had to be charged another $60.  Apparently, "someone new" forgot to charge me the taxes and fees on the room so once I saw the paperwork I knew it was the correct total and paid.  Not sure how "someone new" did this when the guy who asked me to pay was the guy who also checked me into the hotel?  No harm done I guess.  I checked my bags and sat in the lobby to do my email and facebook stuff.

From there, I walked over to get breakfast at Good Enough to Eat. I had french toast and bacon, very yummy.  I love a good cinnamony french toast. After that I walked a bit to look for a shop I wanted to see but couldn't find it.  I moved on to the next one on my list, Satya.  Fancy enough that I had to be buzzed in.  They had nice jewelry but nothing I had to have so I moved no to Zabars. I browsed all the kitchen gadgets and gourmet foods but didn't buy anything.  I didn't want to carry much with me and most of the foods I would want needed to be refrigerated. From there I walked to the American Museum of Natural History. I enjoyed being inside, seeing the many exhibits and keeping cool though my feet had pretty much had it with walking by now.  I loved the dinosaurs and the minerals the most.  Then there is the infamous giant blue whale. I skipped some halls because I am not as into the dioramas of fake people set up to look historic or the animals that have been stuffed for display. Those always bother me. 
From there, it was time for some shopping.  My hotel's neighborhood was home to some fabulous bakeries I have always wanted to try so I was very excited.  First, before the bakeries, I stopped at Michal Golan, an amazing jewelry designer. I already have a couple pieces and had also given my mom some as gifts. Almost the whole store was 40% off and you cannot beat that one gorgeous ornate jewelry. The sale ends tomorrow for those of you in the city who might want to swing by. I found a pair of earrings that called out to me and then it was time for bakeries.
 My first bakery stop, Magnolia on Columbus Ave! I got a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting and a vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting.  After that, I walked to Grandaisy Bakery on West 72nd. There I got tortino di cioccolata (a flourless chocolate cake), and a brioche.  I crossed the street and walked a bit farther east to Buttercup Bake Shop.  There I sat for a rest and had a gingerale.  I bought a lemon cupcake and golden vanilla cupcake to bring home.  After that, it was time for my last bakery stop at Levain Bakery. I picked up 2 dark chocolate chocolate chip cookies and 2 dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookies.  They looked amazing! After this, I headed back to the hotel with a quick stop for a pink lemonade and bagel for lunch.
Magnolia bakery cupcakes
Brioche from Grandaisy
Cupcakes from Buttercup Bake Shop
Levain Cookies
When I got back to the hotel, I picked up my bags and asked if it was okay if I waited in the lobby for a while.  They said of course so I rested and cooled off while checking my email and facebook.  Once I had the energy to make it to the subway one last time, while carrying my big stuffed backpack and 2 shopping totes, trying to keep my baked goodies safe for the trip home.  I made it to Penn Station and decided to stand in line and try to get on an earlier train home.  It was roasting hot in there and I was tired and did not want to sit around for hours waiting.  They said it would cost more but I thought it was worth it to get home earlier.  I was beat and it was time for home.  I let the BF know I would be home in time to see him before he left for work and he was happy.  My train came in less than an hour and I was home around 9:30pm.  I was heard coming in the front door and the apartment door flung open as I was walking up the stairs.  Kitty ran over to greet me too LOL It felt good to be missed.  I had such a wonderful time in the city and hope to get back there again soon to all the wonderful sights, things to do and most of all my wonderful friends who live in and around the city and who can be found at the Time Square Bare Escentuals boutique. Pin It StumbleUpon

NYC Day 2

I woke up around 9am, not well rested but I had lots to do and could not sleep so I got up.  Once I was ready, I headed to the lobby for my heading out check in with email and facebook.  Then I went to Alice's Teacup for breakfast.  This is such a cute place.  They had a few of them in the city.  I got a waffle and could barely finish it.  My appetite was still a bit off. After Alice's, I headed down a block to the subway and headed to South Street Seaport.  

Once I got to Fulton Street, I walked a bit to get to South Street Seaport.  I wasn't there for the Seaport but for their TKTS booth.  Yes, there is more than one TKTS booth in NYC.  The one in Time Square has an insanely long line with an even more insanely long wait and they don't open until 2 or 3pm.  The South Street Seaport TKTS booth is open at 11am and the line is not bad at all.  I was in line for maybe 30 min or so.  I got in, asked about the 2 shows that were posted that interested me, Billy Elliot an A Little Night Music.  The only tickets for Billy Elliot were in the mezzanine so I asked about A Little Night Music and he said orchestra so I said yes.  Tickets were half off, hooray.  I was all set. I went to the Seaport to see it, snapped a couple pics and walked back towards the subway with one important stop at a vendor at the start of the Seaport that sells orchid jewelry, Hanami. They make jewelry out of real orchids.  I ended up with 2 gorgeous pairs of earrings and went to the subway.

I got on the subway and headed to Time Square because it was almost time to meet with my BE friends for lunch.  I had arranged way ahead of time to have lunch with some of my Bare Escentuals friends and then we would all get cupcakes and head to the Time Square BE boutique. I got to the lunch spot early so I waited for people, Ellen's Stardust Diner.  We ha a few last minute cancellations and a couple no shows but it was still a great group.  It is so fun to meet people in person who you have talked to online for a long time. We headed in for a table and they could not sit us all at the same table like he had implied he could on the phone but we were right next to each other which is what other restaurants said they would have to do which is why I picked this place.  Oh well, it was still fun.  Food was okay, not the usual thrilling food of NYC but this is Time Square, a huge tourist trap mecca.  Just glad we didn't eat at a chain restaurant for twice the price we normally would.  The pros of Ellen's Stardust Diner, the waitstaff sings which is fun if you like that, which I do.  It has a great location and the decor is fun, all retro and 50s.  The menu has a good variety. 

After lunch, we headed up to the next block to get cupcakes at Crumbs Bake Shop. I bought 2 but didn't eat them now to avoid any potential tummy issues on my trip. We walked down to the Time Square BE boutique and had the most fabulous time.  This is my favorite BE boutique ever! The manager Kathy and her girls are so nice, they remember you, they treated us like royalty.  We stayed there for hours, chatting, taking pics, and of course shopping. BE knew we were coming and sent us some goodies, samples of the Purifying Cleanser and Wrinkle Plumping Concentrate.  This boutique feels like my home base in NYC now.  I adore it.  It feels like home to me. It is bigger than many boutiques and very pretty but that isn't why I love it, it is the vibe and the people. A BE friend who couldn't make it to the lunch stopped by to say hi and it was great to meet her, especially since we are originally from the same area.  Eventually, BE friends started to need to go so we said our goodbyes and the last group of us slowly made our way out, as soon as I got some eye color samples LOL  We walked over to M&M World and had some fun browsing and taking pics.  Outside, I said goodbye to the last group of my BE girls. I walked to the subway with Karyn and headed back to my hotel to freshen up and drop off my shopping bags. I have to say, I was so tired that I could barely even remember the name of the show I was going to see.  I kept wanting to mix the title A Little Night Music with Summer Magic that I used to watch as a kid and Midsummer Night's Dream LOL

After I felt cooled off and retouched my Bare Escentuals, I headed to the Shake Shack for dinner.  I had a basic burger and fries with an orange soda.  Then I got on the subway and headed back down to Time Square.  I walked over to the BE boutique again, to cool off and say hi since I hadn't been there in an hour or two LOL I was told that my make up was flawless, so I love them even more.  I got to meet another wonderful BE employee and touched up my blackberry lip gloss before I headed to the show.

The Walter Kerr Theatre where A Little Night Music is showing is around the corner from the boutique so once I felt refreshed I walked over.  Once I got in, I was pointed in the direction of my seat.  I asked another person who pointed to keep going.  Then I got to the right section and was told to go down to the front row and I was the 2nd seat in....WHAT!?!?!?! My ticket was for row B and most seating charts I looked at had double letter rows (AA, BB, CC) before single letter rows (A, B, C), plus it was B, not A.  I got to my seat and I was front row center.  I was giddy, I could not believe it.  OMG! OMG! OMG!  I was in the front row, feet touching the stage kind of front row, I can touch the actors (if I want to get kicked out) front row. WOW!!!!  Not only that but this show had Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch in it.  Two entertainment world and Broadway icons. The show is funny, the singing fabulous and it was just plain fun.  Elaine Stritch steals the show. Bernadette is as amazing as ever.  The rest of the cast is extremely talented and has such great comedic timing.  This was by far the perfect show for me to go see. I loved it! After the show, you can wait around gates to see who comes out and hope to get a picture and/or autograph.  I was able to meet Erin Davie (Countess Charlotte Malcolm), Leigh Ann Larkin (Petra) and Hunter Ryan Herdlicka (Henrik Egerman). I was too short to get my program to Aaron Lazar (Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm) and when Bernadette Peters came out, I was totally blocked by ginormous tall people and no one would pass my program up for me, BOOOOO! Those people left and I got in front to see her signing autographs for the other side but she got in her car and didn't come back to my side. After front row seats where she actually made eye contact with me and smiled at me during the standing ovation, I guess I am okay with not getting a pic or autograph though I still would have loved it. It was almost midnight by the time I left and made my way to the subway.  I let the BF know I was alive and well via text and went back to the hotel. Time to start packing and try to rest after such an exciting day.
Erin Davie who plays Countess Charlotte Malcolm
Leigh Ann Larkin who plays Petra and Hunter Ryan Herdlicka who plays Henrik Egerman
Bernadette Peters signing autographs

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New York City Day 1

I had taken 4 days off from work a while back, just for some me time but as summer progressed and life got more and more stressful, I decided I needed to actually get away from home on a mini-me-cation. I was going to go to NYC for 1 day and head home that night but decided to splurge and stay a night or two depending on where I could find an affordable room. I waited until I knew my car accident traffic ticket was settled before I officially booked anything. I was worried they would schedule me for court that Wed I had off but they didn't, hooray! Finding a room last minute is not very me but it all worked out and I had a fabulous time. Here is my report.

Day 1:
I finished packing and kissed the BF goodbye. I stuffed everything I could into a backpack and my purse. Then I grabbed a shopping tote and umbrella in the car and headed an hour away to the train station. I parked the car where the cost wasn't too high and where I thought it would be safe and headed in to get my train tickets. I was early enough to sit and rest a bit. I was taking the 12noon train to Penn Station. When they called for my train to load, the 11:10am train was still on the tracks! I had no idea what was going on but I was sure glad I didn't take the 11:10am train. I would have had less sleep and for nothing. That train finally left, not sure what the hold up was. Then out train headed out. Everything was fine at first but then we kept stopping for track work or going really slow because of track work. We ended up getting to NYC about 45-50 min late. This already cut into my cramped plans for the day. I needed to get to the Upper West side to check in to my hotel and had hoped to be out of there by 3:30 but it was 3:30 when I got to NYC.

I went to get my Metro Card and 2 confused looking foreign tourists told me to go ahead and then asked me to teach them how to use it. I tried to explain as best I could without taking too much time but they still looked a little confused when I left. Lets hope they figured it out. Luckily my hotel was within 2 blocks of 2 different subway stops, what a great location! The hotel was the Park 79 Hotel. It is nothing fancy but safe and a decent place to sleep with a great location for the right price when it comes to NYC. The rooms are small but they usually are in NY. The staff was nice, the room seemed clean and the AC was already running when I got there. My backpack had seemed insanely heavy...maybe because I packed a few bottles of water to save money. Next time, I might skip that one LOL

I had so much that I wanted to do today since the forecast has claimed it would rain on Wed & Thurs. Once I knew I was settled in, cooled off and ready to head out I started to walk north until I grabbed a taxi. My first stop was the Guggenheim Museum. Somehow, out of the major art museums in NYC, this was the only one I had never been to and always wanted to go. We used to go on day trips all the time with art groups in college but they were always closed on the day we went or we ended up elsewhere. I finally made it there. They close at 5:45 so I was worried I wouldn't have time with my train running late and I had plans on Wed and they close on Thurs so this was my only shot and I made it! I went up to the top level and walked down. What a magnificent building! You are only allowed to take pics on the first floor but I wish I could have taken some from the top level looking down. Some of the art was amazing and some of it made me remember why I didn't want a career in the "Art World." So much about making a statement of some kind instead of skill and talent. My favorite pieces were older pieces by some of the greats like Picasso, Kandinsky and Chagall.

From there, I walked over to Central Park which is just across the street.  Central Park is a lot harder to navigate than it seems.  Lots of little paths going every which way.  It took me quite a while to find what I was looking for but I did it! The heat and the walking were a bit much for me but I made it.  First, I found the Obelisk, by accident but I knew what it was and it helped me figure out my location LOL Eventually, I made it to Belvedere Castle.   Of course, having trouble getting around myself, I got asked for directions by tourists again.  Why does this happen to me everywhere I go? I directed them in the direction I believed they needed to go but explained that I wasn't really sure beyond that. I snapped some photos and looked at the view from there, then I headed on. I randomly saw a commercial being shot in the middle of the park.  I tried to walk closer to find out what was going on but there were guys at every angle telling people to please go around or keep moving so I quickly snapped a pic and moved on.  FINALLY I found Bethesda Fountain! I so badly wanted to see this spot and it felt great to find it.  Last but not least, Strawberry Fields and the John Lennon memorial. Aside from waiting for a long time for someone who set their baby on the memorial, trying to get her to look at the camera, it was very nice there.  A lot of people but a very mellow vibe, similar to the fountain area.
I moved on and took the subway down to the Village.  I went towards the East Village where I had lots of shops and food places marked on my map.  I found one of my fave NYC shops, Pylones and did some shopping.  Found a nice jewelry place called Tierra where I found some cool earrings. Unfortunately, this was when the heat was really getting to me.  I was not feeling well at all.  I walked and walked, finding shops I wanted to stop at or restaurants I wanted to eat at but they were closed.  Oy vey! Then, finally, I made it to Yaffa Cafe and sat inside though they had a nice outdoor set up.  I was hot and tired and had not eaten much all day.  I loved the decor of this place and the food was really good too.  I had the linguine with a basil tomato garlic sauce and grilled chicken.  YUMMY! I felt a bit better though still exhausted and realized I was insanely sore from yoga class the day before, no wonder walking was extra hard for me.  I took my time and got to the nearest subway stop that would get me to Rockefeller Center. 
I made it to Rockefeller Center and loved that the subway stop connected right to the building so I didn't have to run around too much.  Just followed the signs and hooray, I made it to my final stop for the day, Top of the Rock!  The line was not bad, a bit of a wait but nothing like the Empire State Building when I went years ago.  I got my ticket with my AAA discount and headed up in the elevator to the next level.  We all wait in our group and then we load the elevator.  The ceiling of the elevator goes clear and you see a tunnel of lights above you as you shoot straight up with no stops to the 67th floor.  Very cool!  From there, there are 3 levels where you can take pics, see the view, enjoy their indoor rooms or go outside.  I went right outside to see the night skyline and take tons of pics.  Eventually I made it to each level.  The higher I got, the windier it got.  The view was amazing. I think this was much better than the Empire State Building.  Less lines, faster overall, no switching elevators and more levels to go to and spread out and see the fantastic view. Plus security seemed faster.  After I felt like I saw all I needed to and took all the night skyline pics I could, I slowly headed back to the subway to get to my hotel.

Once I got to the hotel, I sat in the lobby to check my email and facebook since the wifi signal wasn't very good in my room.  I reported home and checked in with friends and went to my room to shower and rest.  I think I still had too much going on because I had trouble sleeping even though the hotel was quiet. I had a fun day planned for Wed and needed to get some sleep! Pin It StumbleUpon