Monday, July 26, 2010

Double Dipping and Mineral Make Up

People often comment on my flawless application or my excellent blending and I think part of the secret is something I always thought I did because I was lazy.  I double dip!  I think this is a bad habit I picked up studying painting in college LOL My pour messy paint brushes!

Double dip? What are you talking about Heather? Well, I use the same brush for majority of my eye colors. There is a trick to getting this to work. You have to start with the lightest color and move gradually towards the darkest. If you need to go light again, you have to pull out another brush.

An example: For the video and photo look that I posted yesterday, BE congo, vine, gracious & root my brush use was as follows.

I used the Bare Escentuals Contour Shadow Brush.  I first used it to apply Congo from lash to brow until I was satisfied.  Then I used the same exact Contour Shadow brush to apply Vine to my lids.  After that, I moved darker and used the same brush again to apply Gracious to the crease & V.   I double dip! Actually, you could probably call this triple dipping if you want to get technical.  I then used the flat edge liner brush to wetline Root and the long handled Blending Brush to blend.

Some tips if you plan to try double dipping:

Make sure majority of the eye color is gone from the brush before dipping in the next color.  A little bit is okay, I think it might be the secret to things looking more blending but too much of the previous color will change the color you are applying and it will be less consistent when you go to apply on the other eye since you will probably have more of the darker color and less of the lighter color. 

Never go from dark to light.  The darker colors will make the lighter colors muddier or will overpower them.

Never double dip if foiling.  If you are foiling, it is best to use multiple brushes or save the foiling for the last darkest color. Having the brush damp for foiling will interfere with how easy it is to switch colors.

Don't jump too far in color families.  If you are going really colorful with colors from all over the rainbow in your look, you probably want to use multiple brushes.  If using a beige and some greens, you should be okay or a pink and then some purples you should be okay. Keep your colors close in range for double dipping.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your secret. I'll have to try this.


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