Friday, June 4, 2010

TSS Nirvana and a look with Knights Trump Dwarves, Be a Good Example and Killer Couture

In total, I now own 186 (4 of which are in the mail on their way here now) TSS mineral eye pigments. This is the last of it though as TSS is no more and Heather (TSS's creator) is on to other projects.  I am trying to wear each of these colors at least once while I continue to wear all my BE which is the biggest part of my collection.

TSS Colors I have worn so far:
  1. The Maestro
  2. Taboo Transfer
  3. Inspired Meltdown
  4. Little Bit Of fabulous
  5. Pay Attention
  6. Street Savvy
  7. Flip Flop
  8. fashioned in Finland
  9. She's Simply Sasha
  10. Trouble in a Bubble
  11. Blink of an Eye
  12. One Mystical Journey
  13. Scent of a Psycho
  14. Blame The rain
  15. Braving Briony
  16. Feeling So Fine
  17. Peggy Pushed Polly
  18. Too Eccentric
  19. Visual Damage
  20. No More Bore
  21. Edge of Reason
  22. Anti Establishment
  23. Come Here often?
  24. Zelda's Revenge
  25. Lesli in leather
  26. Silently Illuminated
  27. Sour Grapes
  28. Witty With the Wishes
  29. Tricked out turtle Dove
  30. Kiss the frogs
  31. Caught off guard
  32. fields of wisdom
  33. into the night
  34. You can be anything
  35. looked and leaped
  36. Sagittarian Samba
  37. wasted space
  38. asylum
  39. Bottles of Bubbles
  40. Into the Smoke
  41. Goosed by the Grinch
  42. Lucky Charm
  43. Garland Gone Wrong
  44. Moral Enemy
  45. Art of Noise
  46. Modest Envy
  47. Naughty Little Elves
  48. Dark Side of Glam
  49. Much Less Daunting
  50. Over-rated perfection
  51. Happy Hour Hazards
  52. Vodka & a Vixen
  53. Silly rabbit
  54. Gin Fizz & a Phone Number
  55. Blisstified
  56. Resisted Anxiety
  57. Chain Reaction
  58. Candy Canes & Cavities
  59. Convicted
  60. Julie’s got the list
  61. Hugs from heather
  62. Bring it on Babs
  63. Black Friday
  64. Jump Jivin Jenny
  65. She’s Independent
  66. She’s Creativity in Motion
  67. Chasing Mystery
  68. Tiny Obsession
  69. She’s Edgy
  70. She’s a Funny One
  71. make momma proud
  72. rudolph on a rampage
  73. shake your groove thing
  74. she is so thrifty
  75. Mrs Claus is Cranky
  76. Rapunzels Bad Hair day
  77. Nude for Now
  78. One Pilgrim Prancing
  79. Role Reversal
  80. Diligence Does Good
  81. Dragon Breath
  82. Exiled from eden
  83. Tip the scales
  84. You cheat I win
  85. Suspicious Step mom
  86. Hear with your heart
  87. Enjoy your evolution
  88. Live a bold life
  89. She does sparkle
  90. Take a chance
  91. Knights Trump Dwarves
  92. Be a good example
  93. Killer Couture
And now, onto my latest TSS look! 

I am wearing: 
  • BE Prime Time for face
  • BE Fairly Light Foundation
  • BE Bisque mixed with Summer Bisque as concealer
  • BE Tinted Feather Light Mineral Veil
  • BE blush in Optimist
  • TSS Be a good example from lash to brow
  • TSS Killer Couture in crease & V
  • TSS Knights trump dwarves wetlined
  • BE Flawless Definition Mascara in Black
  • BE Wild Honey 100% Natural Lip Gloss

I am not affiliated with The She Space. I purchased these items for personal use. Pin It StumbleUpon

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