Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trivia Questions from Lunch with Leslie

Sorry it took me a while to get this posted, lets hope my memory is still good. Leslie and Alison from BE asked us questions in order to win BE prizes.  We were only supposed to answer once so everyone could win one thing.  If no one knew the answer, we could say it but not win a 2nd prize.  Here are some of the questions asked:

Q. Where is the next BE customer even going to be?

A. Charleston, SC (I got this one right and won a purifying facial cleanser)

Q.  There was once a lipstick named after a customer with a very unusual name that started with a Y, what was it?

A. Yumi (Denise got this one right and won the Wrinkle Concentrate).

Q.  Yumi came in a limited set of 2 from QVC with another color named after a customer, started with A and 4 letters?

A.  Aida (No one else got this one so I answered).

Q. Where is Leslie's son, Trent, going to college? What state?

A. Oregon (Everyone was yelling out states, I knew it was either Washington or Oregon)

Q.  There was a set of 2 colors, used to sculpt and define your face.  What were the names of those colors?

A.  Chisel it and Emphasize it. (2 people got this one right together).

Q. This is a tricky one, who is the person from BE Addicts forum that was given the choice of a piece of Leslie's jewelry or an original jar of leaf and chose the jar of leaf?

A.  No one knew this one, we never got the answer.  I remember it happening but blanked on the person's name.

I think there were a couple more questions but I can't remember them all.  Hope you enjoyed the Bare Escentuals trivia! Pin It StumbleUpon

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