Friday, June 4, 2010

My Bare Escentuals (& other make up) Storage

I've been reorganizing my make up area and trying to get things de-cluttered.  I figured I would share my storage area which I am going to say is 85-90% Bare Escentuals and 10-15% Other natural make up brands.  I did a little sports play illustration to show you LOL

I use Sterlite drawers, I prefer the small ones because they are perfect for jars and they stack well.  The 2 flip top lid drawer towers are Rubbermaid brand but you can find a similar one by Sterlite.

I keep the basic items on a placemat to make it easier to clean up if I have a spill and to protect my dresser from mineral build up. I have foundation, bisque, summer bisque, a variety of mineral veils, faux tan, warmth, well rested and clear radiance there now. I often alternate mineral veils depending on the season.
I group by color group, some are specific like greens or purples, others are a little more broad like sparkly neutrals. I print labels on my computer, cut them out and tape them inside the clear drawers to keep things organized.  That way I can easily switch things around.

I lay the jars down, sometimes I stack them depending on if I am running out of room.  I make little labels for my jars out of post-it notes.  I hand write them and cut them to fit.
Here are those flip top drawer towers I was talking about.  I put my brushes, mascara, liner pencils and some lip gloss in the top compartment that looks like it was meant for pens or pencils.  Then I use the flip top compartments for little lippies, eye brow tools, sharpeners, etc.
This is the weirdest and most unique storage item I have.  My boyfriend works at a large retail chain and they were getting rid of these...they are gun cases LOL He brought them home and figured we could both make use of them.  They close securely if you want but I use this one for display of my lipsticks.
I had some lip gloss overflow once my collection of the 100% Natural lipglosses from BE grew and grew.  I had to branch out from the stand up storage and into a box.  I lay the glosses down in the box, so far no problems with leaks and I can rummage around in there pretty well to find what I need.
Last but not least, my body glimmers and kabuki collection.  I displayed them on top of my jewelry tower, since they fit perfectly and to me, they are like a form of jewelry or body art. Yes, I have more kabukis than this but I use the normal size one to apply my foundation so it sits with that and the super mini lives in a drawer.
My Sterlite Drawer review: 

I think the ones that look like this are better (easier to stack and easier to get to things). The drawers come all the way out.

These are ok but the drawers don't come out as far so it is hard to get to the ES jars in the back and they are less sturdy for stacking. I used this for larger jars and extras so I know I won't be missing any eye colors by having to dig my way to colors in the back.

I use a couple of models like this for my brushes, mascara and some glosses to go on top. The the flip compartment can hold stuff like lippies, eye brow supplies, whatever.  Mine were by Rubbermaid but this is a similar design.  These are often found with office supplies instead of regular drawer storage. Edited to add a twitter update: sparklecrack_mm - @heather_artiste the flip-top storage thing for pens and pencils, can also be found in back-to-school supplies @ Walmart come August.

I am not affiliated with Bare Escentuals or Sterlite. I purchased these items for personal use. Pin It StumbleUpon


  1. Wow, everything is so perfectly organized! I'm very jealous of your storage... and collection, of course! xxx

  2. Thanks! This is 9 years worth of collection. Now I just need to re-group colors and go over my inventory list LOL

  3. Awesome. I really need to get mine B.E. organized. Thanks for the ideas.

  4. Oh how I would love to come and play at your place!

    You have inspired me. I WILL organise my collection this weekend.


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