Monday, June 14, 2010

Lucky Girl - Never Before!

At lunch with Leslie Blodgett the other day, she said that she is a very lucky person.  She has won many raffles and had other good things happen in her life.  She believes that when she gives gifts to people, she is passing on some of her luck.  I told her that since I went to San Francisco, I have noticed major changes in my life. Lots more positivity and you might call it luck or you might just say a happier more positive energy.  I had written her an email expressing my thanks about the trip to San Francisco, how much it meant to me but also what it signified in my life.  It was very much a turning point and like the start of the life I have always wanted.  I also told her about the changes Bare Escentuals has made in my life and the amazing friends that I cannot believe I have, all because of Bare Escentuals.  So back to the lunch, I had told her about the major changes I've been noticing and she said that the email that I wrote made her cry.  It made me cry to write it so I am guessing it could have the same affect to read it.  I won't go into the personal details of my email but it was extremely truthful and heartfelt.

In looking at these positive changes and lucky moments, let me share the ones I can think of with you:

1. I won tickets to see Cake, one of my favorite bands, play a show in September.  I went out on my lunch break to do laundry and heard it on the radio, called in a few times and holy *BLEEP* I won!  This was a couple days before I left to go to San Francisco.  This was so random and so unusual for me to win anything.  My BF didn't fully believe it so I had to ask the radio station to email me as proof that I really won LOL

2. I won $10 on a scratch off ticket, not a big deal I know but usually I don't win anything and the most luck I have ever had was to break even.

3.  I keep sensing a big positive change coming.  I am not sure what but I feel like the stress with my current job is not going to last long.  Something big and something good is going to happen. I just have a feeling and know something good is coming. 

4.  I didn't buy the must have blush collection from Bare Escentuals on QVC in May because Leslie had said on the air, don't buy this for the bag.  I wanted the bag and only 1 of the blushes as I already have the other 2 so I skipped it.  I randomly found it listed on EBay, not listed in a way people would find it as easily.  I bid on it and won it for way less than I would have paid, even with the special anniversary price on QVC in May.  During the presentation on QVC, Leslie had explained that all the bags were different, same fabric but not exactly the same.  She said that some of the bags have an elephant trunk on them and if you get one of them, it is supposed to be good luck.  Well, my collection came and lo and behold, I got an elephant trunk.  I flipped it over and wait a minute....I got 2 elephant trunks!!!!  Very special and very rare.  I decided to start carrying this in my purse so I have it as my lucky charm.

5.  Yesterday, my BF and I were driving from the movie theater to another town to get lunch.  It was raining out but nothing too major.  We were driving along, about the speed limit, same as everyone else on the road if not a bit slower.  Suddenly as we approach a green light at an intersection, I completely lost control of my car and we hydroplaned.  It may be the scariest thing to ever happen while I was driving.  I am not sure how but I managed to keep the car from hitting the car to the right of us, we did hit the car in the opposite left hand turn lane that was sitting waiting for the light to change but my car kept flying.  There were 2-3 lanes of cars coming at us in the opposite lane and 2 lanes of traffic behind us.  Traffic was steady and heavy.  Somehow, by sheer miracle, my car slid sideways across the oncoming traffic lanes without any contact with another car and we landed safely on the sidewalk in a bus stop pull over area.  There were no people there and we did not get hit by other cars as we both were braced for.  We have no idea how my car moved the way it did.  Someone out there was looking out for us, everyone who knows the intersection and hears my story says so.  The position my car landed in barely makes sense to me but we were safe.  Once the shock wore off, my BF and I got out of the car.  We did not have a bump or scratch on us.  I went to check on the man in the car we did hit and he only hurt his arm, thank God!  I saw no blood and no obviously broken bones.  I told him I was sorry and wanted to make sure he was ok.  As I surveyed the distance we traveled without control of the car, I do not think my steering of the wheel is the only thing that kept us from crashing into other cars.  Not sure if this was luck, but something positive surrounded us and kept us safe.

6.  There have been little things too.  Things like accidentally finding the best route to the exact place I was looking for.  It has been happening all the time.  Of course there are also things like Leslie inviting me to lunch in NYC. 

I don't know if this is luck, if it is simply a new positive outlook on life or maybe if it is something else.  Not sure if I will ever know but whatever it is, I am enjoying it.

I have always gotten upset when people have told me I was lucky.  I have never had what someone would consider good luck and most everything in life has been a struggle, a fight or just plain hard work for me. I am starting to see that if these changes keep happening, maybe I am a lucky girl after all, though I still think I earned it.  Karma, I believe in it! Pin It StumbleUpon


  1. Sounds like a lot of positive karma! Keep the good energy up, and your story about the car accident was really terrifying to read! I'm so glad you're safe and sound. xxx

  2. Heather - So glad you're OK after your accident. That sounded really scary. Thanks for writing about your "luck/karma", too. Sometimes we get what we expect, and it sounds like your life has taken a change for the better--congrats.


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