Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bare Escentuals Nirvana time!

Main Entry: nir·va·na
Pronunciation: \nir-ˈvä-nə, (ˌ)nər-\
Function: noun
1 : the final beatitude that transcends suffering, karma, and samsara and is sought especially in Buddhism through the extinction of desire and individual consciousness
2 a : a place or state of oblivion to care, pain, or external reality; also : bliss, heaven b : a goal hoped for but apparently unattainable : dream
Being a librarian, I must do a proper citation for use of this definition
 "nirvana." Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. 2010.
Merriam-Webster Online. 17 June 2010

A Bare Escentuals girl's Nirvana time is never done!  It is that time of year again.  The Bare Escentuals anniversary show and June TSV show orders have arrived and all the May bday shopping is done.  I go look at my Bare Escentuals collection and suddenly feel overwhelmed.  At least now I know what to do, Nirvana 2010!  Time to inventory, sort, reorganize and use all my BE colors.  It is going to be a bit harder this year because I own more and also collected a lot of colors from The She Space that I need to wear.

Last night, I needed to de-stress (found out my car was declared totaled by the insurance company and started to stress over buying a new car) so I worked on some inventory lists and added to it today.  This time, I didnt just inventory my eye colors.  I also inventoried my blushes, face colors, face basics, brushes and lippies.  I figure this will make it easier for me to try to keep track of things and I might work on a BE Addicts spreadsheet or treasure chest over at Mineral Madness eventually. For now, just a list. 

Here are the totals (math might be a little off, especially on brushes):

Bare Escentuals 100% Natural Lipsticks: 23 (not including mini-palette)
Bare Escentuals 100% Glosses (all sizes): 36 (+2 duplicates)
Other BE Lippies: 2 (+1 duplicate)

Body Glimmers/Gossamers (various sizes): 8

    ES size19
    Full Size  26 (26 if you count both shades in a duo)
Radiances: 14

Big & bright Liner Pencils: 6 (includes mini)
Lip Liners: 3

Brushes - still sealed: 12
Brushes Open and In Use:
    Face & Body: 26 with 1 duplicate (different color handles don't count as duplicates LOL)
    Eye: 53 including some duplicates
    Lippie: 2

Eye Liners (full size jar may contain 1/2 amount):
    1/2 jars: 23
    Mini jars: 6
    Full Size ES Jars: 44

Eye Colors (full size jar may contain 1/2 amount, may be some duplicates between minis and full size):
    1/2 jars:59
    Mini jars:50
    Full Size ES Jars: 234 

Total Eye colors and Liners combined (removed duplicates from this count):
 410 Colors compared to last year around this time when I had 378

Considering this is after a huge shopping spree and a whole year, I guess 32 additional eye shades isnt that bad, as long as you don't count all The She Space colors too LOL

Since I am going to have the new expense of car payments (my car was paid off years ago) I need to curb my shopping habits and get adjusted to my new budget so this is good timing.  Time for BE Nirvana 2010! Pin It StumbleUpon

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  1. Sorry to hear your car is totalled, but at least you're okay... and you have plenty of colours to play with! :-)


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