Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bare Escentuals High Shine Gold Medal, Cable Car & Cork

I have to confess, I got a bit stressed out by all the car shopping stress and did some retail therapy. I ordered Inside Scoop from Sephora as well as some eye colors from bareescentuals.com with the Friends and Family 20% off discount. My packages arrived early this morning so I was able to wear some of them today.

I am planning to blog about discovering the trick to getting that 'Joy on QVC' look with mascara.  Mine aren't quite as full as hers but I noticed a difference when I tried something. Stay tuned!

I am wearing:

  • Bare Escentuals Brightening prime time for face
  • BE foundation in fairly light
  • BE bisque mixed with summer bisque as concealer
  • BE Tinted Feather Light Mineral Veil
  • BE Warmth
  • BE So Fab Blush
  • BE High Shine Gold Medal on lid
  • BE Cable Car in crease & V
  • BE Cork Big & Bright Liner (pretty cool, it matches my eye color)
  • BE Flawless Definition Mascara in Espresso
  • BE 100% Natural Lip Gloss in Almond Tart (one of my all time faves)
I am not affiliated with Bare Escentuals. I purchased these items for personal use. Pin It StumbleUpon

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Beauty area - decorated

I've been working on decorating my beauty area in my tower room.  I bought some cool photography from Elle Moss on Etsy.com and finally put them in frames to hang in my little room. Then I printed a pic of me with Leslie Blodgett from lunch in NYC and put it in a cool recycled vinyl record frame to hang.  Finally, my cool BE friend Rachel made me a vinyl cling of the name of my blog for my beauty area wall.  Love it!!!  Thank you so much Rachel. I wanted to share some pics.  I am tempted to order some more photos from Elle Moss, she has some really cool stuff.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Heather goes back to San Francisco (via BE collection)

Finally wore my San Francisco Collection from Bare Escentuals.  I wish it was a trip back to San Francisco but this is as close as I will get for a while.  I love these colors, hope you like them too. This collection is currently available from QVC.

I am wearing:
  • Bare Escentuals (BE) Brightening prime time for face
  • BE foundation in fairly light
  • BE bisque mixed with summer bisque as concealer
  • BE SPF Mineral Veil
  • BE Warmth
  • BE Golden Gate Blush
  • BE North Beach from lash to brow
  • BE Cable Car in crease & V
  • BE Cable Car wetlined
  • BE Waterproof Flawless Definition Mascara in Black
  • BE 100% Natural Lip Gloss in Sourdough
I am not affiliated with Bare Escentuals. I purchased these items for personal use. Pin It StumbleUpon

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Bare-tini - Bare Escentuals signature drink

This is the drink we had at the cocktail party in San Francisco and I have to say it is super yummy.  Bare Escentuals had the recipe in their latest email newsletter and I wanted to share it with all of you.

From the following Bare Escentuals Email: http://tinyurl.com/baretini
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trivia Questions from Lunch with Leslie

Sorry it took me a while to get this posted, lets hope my memory is still good. Leslie and Alison from BE asked us questions in order to win BE prizes.  We were only supposed to answer once so everyone could win one thing.  If no one knew the answer, we could say it but not win a 2nd prize.  Here are some of the questions asked:

Q. Where is the next BE customer even going to be?

A. Charleston, SC (I got this one right and won a purifying facial cleanser)

Q.  There was once a lipstick named after a customer with a very unusual name that started with a Y, what was it?

A. Yumi (Denise got this one right and won the Wrinkle Concentrate).

Q.  Yumi came in a limited set of 2 from QVC with another color named after a customer, started with A and 4 letters?

A.  Aida (No one else got this one so I answered).

Q. Where is Leslie's son, Trent, going to college? What state?

A. Oregon (Everyone was yelling out states, I knew it was either Washington or Oregon)

Q.  There was a set of 2 colors, used to sculpt and define your face.  What were the names of those colors?

A.  Chisel it and Emphasize it. (2 people got this one right together).

Q. This is a tricky one, who is the person from BE Addicts forum that was given the choice of a piece of Leslie's jewelry or an original jar of leaf and chose the jar of leaf?

A.  No one knew this one, we never got the answer.  I remember it happening but blanked on the person's name.

I think there were a couple more questions but I can't remember them all.  Hope you enjoyed the Bare Escentuals trivia! Pin It StumbleUpon

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bare Escentuals Nirvana time!

Main Entry: nir·va·na
Pronunciation: \nir-ˈvä-nə, (ˌ)nər-\
Function: noun
1 : the final beatitude that transcends suffering, karma, and samsara and is sought especially in Buddhism through the extinction of desire and individual consciousness
2 a : a place or state of oblivion to care, pain, or external reality; also : bliss, heaven b : a goal hoped for but apparently unattainable : dream
Being a librarian, I must do a proper citation for use of this definition
 "nirvana." Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. 2010.
Merriam-Webster Online. 17 June 2010

A Bare Escentuals girl's Nirvana time is never done!  It is that time of year again.  The Bare Escentuals anniversary show and June TSV show orders have arrived and all the May bday shopping is done.  I go look at my Bare Escentuals collection and suddenly feel overwhelmed.  At least now I know what to do, Nirvana 2010!  Time to inventory, sort, reorganize and use all my BE colors.  It is going to be a bit harder this year because I own more and also collected a lot of colors from The She Space that I need to wear.

Last night, I needed to de-stress (found out my car was declared totaled by the insurance company and started to stress over buying a new car) so I worked on some inventory lists and added to it today.  This time, I didnt just inventory my eye colors.  I also inventoried my blushes, face colors, face basics, brushes and lippies.  I figure this will make it easier for me to try to keep track of things and I might work on a BE Addicts spreadsheet or treasure chest over at Mineral Madness eventually. For now, just a list. 

Here are the totals (math might be a little off, especially on brushes):

Bare Escentuals 100% Natural Lipsticks: 23 (not including mini-palette)
Bare Escentuals 100% Glosses (all sizes): 36 (+2 duplicates)
Other BE Lippies: 2 (+1 duplicate)

Body Glimmers/Gossamers (various sizes): 8

    ES size19
    Full Size  26 (26 if you count both shades in a duo)
Radiances: 14

Big & bright Liner Pencils: 6 (includes mini)
Lip Liners: 3

Brushes - still sealed: 12
Brushes Open and In Use:
    Face & Body: 26 with 1 duplicate (different color handles don't count as duplicates LOL)
    Eye: 53 including some duplicates
    Lippie: 2

Eye Liners (full size jar may contain 1/2 amount):
    1/2 jars: 23
    Mini jars: 6
    Full Size ES Jars: 44

Eye Colors (full size jar may contain 1/2 amount, may be some duplicates between minis and full size):
    1/2 jars:59
    Mini jars:50
    Full Size ES Jars: 234 

Total Eye colors and Liners combined (removed duplicates from this count):
 410 Colors compared to last year around this time when I had 378

Considering this is after a huge shopping spree and a whole year, I guess 32 additional eye shades isnt that bad, as long as you don't count all The She Space colors too LOL

Since I am going to have the new expense of car payments (my car was paid off years ago) I need to curb my shopping habits and get adjusted to my new budget so this is good timing.  Time for BE Nirvana 2010! Pin It StumbleUpon

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Time to Share the Love! Bare Escentuals Friends & Family!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Lucky Girl - Never Before!

At lunch with Leslie Blodgett the other day, she said that she is a very lucky person.  She has won many raffles and had other good things happen in her life.  She believes that when she gives gifts to people, she is passing on some of her luck.  I told her that since I went to San Francisco, I have noticed major changes in my life. Lots more positivity and you might call it luck or you might just say a happier more positive energy.  I had written her an email expressing my thanks about the trip to San Francisco, how much it meant to me but also what it signified in my life.  It was very much a turning point and like the start of the life I have always wanted.  I also told her about the changes Bare Escentuals has made in my life and the amazing friends that I cannot believe I have, all because of Bare Escentuals.  So back to the lunch, I had told her about the major changes I've been noticing and she said that the email that I wrote made her cry.  It made me cry to write it so I am guessing it could have the same affect to read it.  I won't go into the personal details of my email but it was extremely truthful and heartfelt.

In looking at these positive changes and lucky moments, let me share the ones I can think of with you:

1. I won tickets to see Cake, one of my favorite bands, play a show in September.  I went out on my lunch break to do laundry and heard it on the radio, called in a few times and holy *BLEEP* I won!  This was a couple days before I left to go to San Francisco.  This was so random and so unusual for me to win anything.  My BF didn't fully believe it so I had to ask the radio station to email me as proof that I really won LOL

2. I won $10 on a scratch off ticket, not a big deal I know but usually I don't win anything and the most luck I have ever had was to break even.

3.  I keep sensing a big positive change coming.  I am not sure what but I feel like the stress with my current job is not going to last long.  Something big and something good is going to happen. I just have a feeling and know something good is coming. 

4.  I didn't buy the must have blush collection from Bare Escentuals on QVC in May because Leslie had said on the air, don't buy this for the bag.  I wanted the bag and only 1 of the blushes as I already have the other 2 so I skipped it.  I randomly found it listed on EBay, not listed in a way people would find it as easily.  I bid on it and won it for way less than I would have paid, even with the special anniversary price on QVC in May.  During the presentation on QVC, Leslie had explained that all the bags were different, same fabric but not exactly the same.  She said that some of the bags have an elephant trunk on them and if you get one of them, it is supposed to be good luck.  Well, my collection came and lo and behold, I got an elephant trunk.  I flipped it over and wait a minute....I got 2 elephant trunks!!!!  Very special and very rare.  I decided to start carrying this in my purse so I have it as my lucky charm.

5.  Yesterday, my BF and I were driving from the movie theater to another town to get lunch.  It was raining out but nothing too major.  We were driving along, about the speed limit, same as everyone else on the road if not a bit slower.  Suddenly as we approach a green light at an intersection, I completely lost control of my car and we hydroplaned.  It may be the scariest thing to ever happen while I was driving.  I am not sure how but I managed to keep the car from hitting the car to the right of us, we did hit the car in the opposite left hand turn lane that was sitting waiting for the light to change but my car kept flying.  There were 2-3 lanes of cars coming at us in the opposite lane and 2 lanes of traffic behind us.  Traffic was steady and heavy.  Somehow, by sheer miracle, my car slid sideways across the oncoming traffic lanes without any contact with another car and we landed safely on the sidewalk in a bus stop pull over area.  There were no people there and we did not get hit by other cars as we both were braced for.  We have no idea how my car moved the way it did.  Someone out there was looking out for us, everyone who knows the intersection and hears my story says so.  The position my car landed in barely makes sense to me but we were safe.  Once the shock wore off, my BF and I got out of the car.  We did not have a bump or scratch on us.  I went to check on the man in the car we did hit and he only hurt his arm, thank God!  I saw no blood and no obviously broken bones.  I told him I was sorry and wanted to make sure he was ok.  As I surveyed the distance we traveled without control of the car, I do not think my steering of the wheel is the only thing that kept us from crashing into other cars.  Not sure if this was luck, but something positive surrounded us and kept us safe.

6.  There have been little things too.  Things like accidentally finding the best route to the exact place I was looking for.  It has been happening all the time.  Of course there are also things like Leslie inviting me to lunch in NYC. 

I don't know if this is luck, if it is simply a new positive outlook on life or maybe if it is something else.  Not sure if I will ever know but whatever it is, I am enjoying it.

I have always gotten upset when people have told me I was lucky.  I have never had what someone would consider good luck and most everything in life has been a struggle, a fight or just plain hard work for me. I am starting to see that if these changes keep happening, maybe I am a lucky girl after all, though I still think I earned it.  Karma, I believe in it! Pin It StumbleUpon

Friday, June 11, 2010

Bare Escentuals Beautiful in Pearls #3

The 3rd shipment of the Beautiful in Pearls auto-delivery collections came this week.  I really like the eye colors, they are not quite the same as the original versions of the eye colors, these are pearl infused and have a different tone.

I am wearing:
  • Bare Escentuals Prime Time
  • BE foundation in Fairy Light
  • BE bisque mixed with summer bisque as concealer
  • BE Mineral Veil
  • BE Faux Tan All over face color
  • BE Vintage Pearl Blush
  • BE Antique Pearl from lash to brow
  • BE Twilight Pearl in crease & V
  • BE Big & Bright Liner in midnight, smudged
  • BE Flawless Mascara in Black
  • BE 100% Natural Lipstick in Rock Candy
I am not affiliated with Bare Escentuals. I purchased these items for personal use. Pin It StumbleUpon

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lunch with Leslie Blodgett & BE friends

Here is my report on the wonderful lunch with Leslie Blodgett as well as Alison from Bare Escentuals and 9 other wonderful Bare Escentuals customers who got to join us.

I posted a while ago on facebook and BE Addicts that I was hoping to get together with BE friends for a day in NYC when I have vacation from work.  I said probably sometime in August and to let me know if you are interested. I expected maybe a few people who wanted to get lunch & cupcakes and go to the boutique but no, I've had over 15 people say they are interested.  Then Leslie herself posts and asks when. I told her the dates for the week in Aug that I have off.  I did not hear back from her about it for a while, figured she is busy in August.  Then Leslie sends me a message on twitter saying she will be in NYC in June, who wants to hang out.  What? Of course I do! We message back and forth and eventually she gets me the official date. A personal invite from Leslie Blodgett, how can I say no?  Very surreal but very cool.  I ask for it off from work and phew, got approval even though I was already off for a conference the 3 days before. I got nervous that it was not going to happen because I didn't hear anything for a while. Finally I got an email from Alison at BE about the lunch and eventually with location and time details.  I kept it to myself until the official announcement about the lunch was posted and finally I could say something about it to someone besides my mom, aunt and BF.  I am sure it would have been ok to say something but it didn't feel right since BE was running the show and I wasn't sure of any details aside from the date at that time. 

Preparations started Tuesday night.  I got home from a 3 day work conference, a 4 hour drive to get home, unpacked and started to try to get things together while getting everything at home settled.  I packed my purse with info, maps, my train ticket info.  I rented a movie on iTunes to watch on the train (Leap Year since the BF won't want to watch it with me on DVD LOL). I planned my outfit and make up, much harder than it would seem with the weird rainy weather forecast.  It wasn't going to be cold but not hot either and it was supposed to rain.  So hard to guess what will feel best in that weather.  I laid out the eye colors I wanted to wear so I could not worry and run late in the morning.  Eventually, I took some benadryl and went to bed.  I am amazed that I actually slept.  I think it was only because I got up so early the day before because of the conference.

What BE did I wear for the lunch: BE Brightening Prime Time, Fairly Light Foundation, Bisque mixed with Summer Bisque as concealer, Warmth, Tinted Feather Light Mineral Veil,  Optimist Blush, Dark Blonde/Med Brown brow color, Clear Radiance mixed with Well Rested from lash to brow, a light cover of high shine sand dune lash to brow, Nice Pear Foiled on lids, Key Lime in crease, Sanctuary in V and Patio Party wetlined with Sticky Buns lipstick with a layer of Muffin Top Gloss on top.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010. I normally work 1-9pm and wake up around 9-10am.  For this lunch, I woke up at 5:30am!!!! I still can't believe I did it.  I got ready and did my make up in about an hour.  Threw some stuff for the train in a backpack and was out the door by 6:40am.  I drove an hour to the Albany/Rensselaer train station in early morning commuter traffic.  I was so nervous I would miss my train and there wasn't another one leaving in time to get me to NYC for lunch at 12noon.  Once I got on the thruway, I drove about 75-80 the whole way which I never do.  Thankfully, I got to the station, found parking and ran inside with time to spare.  I printed my train tickets once I realized I was frantically swiping my credit card the wrong way and bought a bottle of water.  I got in line to board the train.  Once I got on the train at 7:50am, I relaxed, the scariest part was behind me.  I was on my way.  I could not sleep and was too tired to read so I watched my iTunes movie. I touched up my make up, Bare Escentuals of course, on the train.  My eye colors looked great, I touched up my patio party liner and then thought, my eyes look weird...OMG I forgot mascara!!!! As soon as I get to the city, I need to buy mascara!
We pulled into Penn Station around 10:30am.  I wanted to check my backpack so I didn't have to carry it all over NYC with me and conveniently, as soon as I got to the top of the staircase I was in view of the bag check.  That was a random chance depending on which staircase I took to go upstairs.  Never happened before when I got there! Lucky me! I debated, should I bring my hoodie or umbrella with me?  I opted for hoodie, umbrella might have been better but I always get stuck on people when I carry an umbrella in NYC LOL

I checked my bag for $4.50 and headed out into the city to 7th avenue.  I decided I might have time to go shop but wasn't sure.  First mission was Sephora, there is one right around the corner from Penn Station on 34th across from Macy's so I ran to the BE section and grabbed a flawless mascara in espresso.  At least I didn't already own that shade.  I applied it as soon as I walked away from the register and felt better.  Phew!  Then I decided to walk north in the direction of lunch to see if I had time for some shopping at Grand Central Station.  It wasn't hot but it was humid in the city, I felt pretty gross and hoped I wasn't going to look melted by the time I got to lunch.  Thank God for Skechers Shape Ups, I managed to walk to Grand Central, got in the door, went on a ramp and looked to my left and the main store I wanted to go to was right there! I had no idea.  Lucky girl again! Pylones is such a fun store, one of my fave places to go in the city. I got some fun stuff and got a free flashlight with my purchase.  Then I went to head back in the direction of lunch because I didn't want to be late.  I looked to  my right while walking and saw a Crumbs Bakery...totally by chance.  I usually plan all this stuff out but didn't have time with the conference right before my trip.  Lucky girl again!!!! I got 2 cupcakes to bring home and put everything in my shopping tote and was on my way to lunch.

I walked up to Carmines early and instantly was spotted by a fellow BE friend, Denise.  I better get used to people knowing me from my picture if I plan to keep getting together with BE friends LOL Since it was humid out, we decided to wait inside at the bar and cool off.  Once we got in there, we ran into Robin and Karol who were there for the lunch.  We all waited together until they seated us early. We went upstairs and bumped into Danielle on the way up.  We all sat and the restaurant staff kept asking me questions like I knew what was going on. It was kind of funny.  "So you are a party of 12?" "I think so?" Eventually I just said yes and they seemed happy and went on their way.  Leslie and Alison showed up and seemed to feel bad until they realized they weren't late, we were all early.  Other BE friends started to trickle in and lunch got started.  Carmines is a family style Italian restaurant so Alison ordered various items for the group and we all took what we wanted.  I just let them know I needed something with no cheese and I knew I was safe.  Salads & bread came out first, then penne alla vodka, angel hair with tomatoes, garlic and oil, meatballs, chicken marsala, mixed vegetables. For dessert they got chocolate cannoli and fruit but I held off as I was pretty full from all the pasta and wanted to make sure my food allergies didn't get too angry on my fun trip. Leslie didn't eat anything as she just had breakfast before lunch.  She was on San Francisco time so you have to realize, this was 9am for her.  I understand not wanting to eat 2 meals at that hour, I am usually barely awake at that time myself. 

Over lunch we chatted a lot.  Leslie asked us all to introduce ourselves, talk about ourselves a little and she did the same.  We would have to take breaks for food orders and drinks, etc.  Then they did a BE trivia game to win prizes.  You could only win one prize but I knew far too many answers for my own good LOL What can I say, I was a brainy nerd in school and that memory is now applied to random quiz knowledge, pop culture facts and BE.  I got the first question right and the prize was a full size Purifying facial cleanser.  Alison asked if I already had it, I said yes but you can always have an extra cleanser!  Everyone left with something.  Denise got the new full size wrinkle plumping concentrate and others got items from the upcoming Rethink Beauty Collection TSV on QVC (see QVC on Sat June 12 for info).   I pre-ordered the collection and have to say it is fabulous, definitely worth the price.

Leslie gave us tips for how to use the new Brightening Prime Time and Brightening Eye Primer.  They are a bit different than the originals.  I'm sure she will demo on QVC this weekend.  She also told us that there might be some of the eye primers coming out in colors eventually, I think she said to keep an eye out in the Fall.  She also said she is hoping to get more involved in media, not just make up and was wondering if we had thoughts or suggestions.  She also let us know that she is not allowed to call the Wrinkle Plumping Concentrate "plumping" on QVC this weekend because a QVC lawyer says no to that word.  She was trying to think of what to call it instead so she doesn't slip up on the air. We all suggested things and she said it is kind of like a buxom so I told her it is "Wrinkle Buxom." 

We all got bracelets from one of the other ladies at lunch which was super sweet of her and Leslie and Alison gave us all XL samples of Leslie's Golden Light fragrance in adorable little pink bags.  So cute!  Leslie asked us questions, wanted feedback, input and to hear anything we had to say while Alison took notes.  It was such a warm and comfortable lunch.  We all felt so special and appreciated.  Leslie showed us her new cognac leather jacket which was to die for!  When we posed for pics I got to touch it, buttery soft leather and the leather smell, yummy! Nice quality and fabulous color and style.

We all posed and took pics.  Alison took a lot of the group pics for us though a waiter took one or two.  Then we all helped each other take pics with Leslie and Alison.  There was one point where Leslie put her hand on the right side of my face.  Things were so hectic, I'm not sure if she said anything to me or not but it was such a sweet affectionate gesture.

After we all took pics, a group of us headed to the Time Square boutique along with Leslie and Alison. Leslie changed out of her leather jacket because of the rain and into her new sweater.  It was raining now so most of us had umbrellas while I was incognito in my hoodie.  It wasn't too far from Carmines and what a fabulous boutique.  All the girls there are great, love the manager Kathy (we are now facebook friends, I talked with her about my August get together with BE friends in NYC) and we all chatted and shopped.  I got some lippies, 2 for me, 1 for my mom with the special deal to get 3 lip products and a pink bag for $36.  I had a full stamp card so an even better deal, yay! The boutique is so nice and spacious.  I felt very welcome, sadly not always the case depending on where you go.  I can't wait to go back in August.

Eventually, most of our friends had to head home and Leslie and Alison had to get going.  Then there were 3.  I spent the rest of my day with Denise and Robin.  A BE friend who missed the announcements about the lunch and lived in NYC wanted to get together so we eventually met Rima at Rockefeller Center.  She came with her adorable baby who kept sleeping even though Leslie was at the boutique.  She had to wait for her to wake up to avoid cranky baby so sadly Rima missed meeting Leslie. We all walked around 30 Rock. I have to say, go to this site and look at the 2nd pic, I want it!  It is like a Swarovski Crystal beaded curtain around a U-shaped sparkly bench. So perfect for my tower room LOL  Eventually we headed to a nearby Sephora. I decided that since I am fragrance sensitive and Rima missed out on the fun lunch, I wanted to give her my XL Golden Light sample. Why be greedy and keep it when I can't wear it, I say.  Then we went to the Time Square Sephora and parted ways to head home.  Rima and I took the subway while Robin and Denise walked to their buses.  I got to Penn Station, saw that my train was on time and grabbed a pretzel and lemonade to tide me over.  I played on my IPOD with the wifi at the station and then totally zoned out and almost missed my train.  I ran over and the man said 1 minute!  Yikes!  I was on my way back home.  What a fun and surreal day.  

If you would like to see all the pics I took of this trip, please visit my photo album on facebook.  You don't have to have an account to view them, I set them so everyone can see these pics: Heather's Lunch with Leslie Photo Album Pin It StumbleUpon

Melissa enjoying her Rare Samples

Melissa sent me a pic of her with the Rare Purifying Cleanser and Wrinkle Plumping Concentrate that she won here on my blog.  How cute is she?!?!
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Exciting news!!!

If you know me from elsewhere online, you probably already know this but I wanted to share in my blog.  Leslie Blodgett, (Chair of Bare Escentuals), invited me to a special lunch with her and some other ladies in NYC on Wed June 9.  We had been tweeting back and forth about it and she asked me to email her.  I think I found out about it before any of the other ladies who appear to have been chosen in drawings.  I was so excited when I heard from Alison who works for Bare Escentuals with the details but I didn't want to spoil their announcement so I kept it to myself as best as I could.

I am really looking forward to seeing Leslie again and getting to talk to her more, meeting some other Bare Escentuals friends and having fun in NYC for a day.  Lunch is at noon so I need to leave Albany NY at 7:50am.  Albany's train station is at least an hour from where I live so this is going to be an early morning for me but well worth it.  I work later hours and am not a morning person so getting up at 6am is probably like most people getting up at 4am.

Stay tuned to my blog later this week, I will be sure to share about the day in NYC, the lunch and of course share some pics. Pin It StumbleUpon

Friday, June 4, 2010

TSS Nirvana and a look with Knights Trump Dwarves, Be a Good Example and Killer Couture

In total, I now own 186 (4 of which are in the mail on their way here now) TSS mineral eye pigments. This is the last of it though as TSS is no more and Heather (TSS's creator) is on to other projects.  I am trying to wear each of these colors at least once while I continue to wear all my BE which is the biggest part of my collection.

TSS Colors I have worn so far:
  1. The Maestro
  2. Taboo Transfer
  3. Inspired Meltdown
  4. Little Bit Of fabulous
  5. Pay Attention
  6. Street Savvy
  7. Flip Flop
  8. fashioned in Finland
  9. She's Simply Sasha
  10. Trouble in a Bubble
  11. Blink of an Eye
  12. One Mystical Journey
  13. Scent of a Psycho
  14. Blame The rain
  15. Braving Briony
  16. Feeling So Fine
  17. Peggy Pushed Polly
  18. Too Eccentric
  19. Visual Damage
  20. No More Bore
  21. Edge of Reason
  22. Anti Establishment
  23. Come Here often?
  24. Zelda's Revenge
  25. Lesli in leather
  26. Silently Illuminated
  27. Sour Grapes
  28. Witty With the Wishes
  29. Tricked out turtle Dove
  30. Kiss the frogs
  31. Caught off guard
  32. fields of wisdom
  33. into the night
  34. You can be anything
  35. looked and leaped
  36. Sagittarian Samba
  37. wasted space
  38. asylum
  39. Bottles of Bubbles
  40. Into the Smoke
  41. Goosed by the Grinch
  42. Lucky Charm
  43. Garland Gone Wrong
  44. Moral Enemy
  45. Art of Noise
  46. Modest Envy
  47. Naughty Little Elves
  48. Dark Side of Glam
  49. Much Less Daunting
  50. Over-rated perfection
  51. Happy Hour Hazards
  52. Vodka & a Vixen
  53. Silly rabbit
  54. Gin Fizz & a Phone Number
  55. Blisstified
  56. Resisted Anxiety
  57. Chain Reaction
  58. Candy Canes & Cavities
  59. Convicted
  60. Julie’s got the list
  61. Hugs from heather
  62. Bring it on Babs
  63. Black Friday
  64. Jump Jivin Jenny
  65. She’s Independent
  66. She’s Creativity in Motion
  67. Chasing Mystery
  68. Tiny Obsession
  69. She’s Edgy
  70. She’s a Funny One
  71. make momma proud
  72. rudolph on a rampage
  73. shake your groove thing
  74. she is so thrifty
  75. Mrs Claus is Cranky
  76. Rapunzels Bad Hair day
  77. Nude for Now
  78. One Pilgrim Prancing
  79. Role Reversal
  80. Diligence Does Good
  81. Dragon Breath
  82. Exiled from eden
  83. Tip the scales
  84. You cheat I win
  85. Suspicious Step mom
  86. Hear with your heart
  87. Enjoy your evolution
  88. Live a bold life
  89. She does sparkle
  90. Take a chance
  91. Knights Trump Dwarves
  92. Be a good example
  93. Killer Couture
And now, onto my latest TSS look! 

I am wearing: 
  • BE Prime Time for face
  • BE Fairly Light Foundation
  • BE Bisque mixed with Summer Bisque as concealer
  • BE Tinted Feather Light Mineral Veil
  • BE blush in Optimist
  • TSS Be a good example from lash to brow
  • TSS Killer Couture in crease & V
  • TSS Knights trump dwarves wetlined
  • BE Flawless Definition Mascara in Black
  • BE Wild Honey 100% Natural Lip Gloss

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My Bare Escentuals (& other make up) Storage

I've been reorganizing my make up area and trying to get things de-cluttered.  I figured I would share my storage area which I am going to say is 85-90% Bare Escentuals and 10-15% Other natural make up brands.  I did a little sports play illustration to show you LOL

I use Sterlite drawers, I prefer the small ones because they are perfect for jars and they stack well.  The 2 flip top lid drawer towers are Rubbermaid brand but you can find a similar one by Sterlite.

I keep the basic items on a placemat to make it easier to clean up if I have a spill and to protect my dresser from mineral build up. I have foundation, bisque, summer bisque, a variety of mineral veils, faux tan, warmth, well rested and clear radiance there now. I often alternate mineral veils depending on the season.
I group by color group, some are specific like greens or purples, others are a little more broad like sparkly neutrals. I print labels on my computer, cut them out and tape them inside the clear drawers to keep things organized.  That way I can easily switch things around.

I lay the jars down, sometimes I stack them depending on if I am running out of room.  I make little labels for my jars out of post-it notes.  I hand write them and cut them to fit.
Here are those flip top drawer towers I was talking about.  I put my brushes, mascara, liner pencils and some lip gloss in the top compartment that looks like it was meant for pens or pencils.  Then I use the flip top compartments for little lippies, eye brow tools, sharpeners, etc.
This is the weirdest and most unique storage item I have.  My boyfriend works at a large retail chain and they were getting rid of these...they are gun cases LOL He brought them home and figured we could both make use of them.  They close securely if you want but I use this one for display of my lipsticks.
I had some lip gloss overflow once my collection of the 100% Natural lipglosses from BE grew and grew.  I had to branch out from the stand up storage and into a box.  I lay the glosses down in the box, so far no problems with leaks and I can rummage around in there pretty well to find what I need.
Last but not least, my body glimmers and kabuki collection.  I displayed them on top of my jewelry tower, since they fit perfectly and to me, they are like a form of jewelry or body art. Yes, I have more kabukis than this but I use the normal size one to apply my foundation so it sits with that and the super mini lives in a drawer.
My Sterlite Drawer review: 

I think the ones that look like this are better (easier to stack and easier to get to things). The drawers come all the way out.

These are ok but the drawers don't come out as far so it is hard to get to the ES jars in the back and they are less sturdy for stacking. I used this for larger jars and extras so I know I won't be missing any eye colors by having to dig my way to colors in the back.

I use a couple of models like this for my brushes, mascara and some glosses to go on top. The the flip compartment can hold stuff like lippies, eye brow supplies, whatever.  Mine were by Rubbermaid but this is a similar design.  These are often found with office supplies instead of regular drawer storage. Edited to add a twitter update: sparklecrack_mm - @heather_artiste the flip-top storage thing for pens and pencils, can also be found in back-to-school supplies @ Walmart come August.

I am not affiliated with Bare Escentuals or Sterlite. I purchased these items for personal use. Pin It StumbleUpon

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Rare Cleanser & Wrinkle Plumping Concentrate Sample winner is...

Melissa Reed
Congrats to Melissa!!! 

 Thanks to everyone who entered.  
More giveaways to come. 

Probably some of my funky jewelry and some Bare Escentuals extras. 
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And the Golden Light XL sample giveaway winner is...

Jenilynne Gilliland!!!!!!

Congratulations Jeni! 

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