Monday, May 10, 2010

Tulip Fest 2010 - Albany, NY - OK GO & the Constellations!

On Saturday, the weather was less than friendly for a Tulip Fest but I managed to go to Albany to celebrate anyway.  It didn't hurt that one of my all time favorite bands, OK GO, was playing a free show.  My friend and I bundled up in our hoodies and headed downtown to Washington Park.  We walked around a bit, you could tell it had rained and there was a damp chill in the air.  We looked at the arts & crafts vendors and got a bite to eat.  I had some BBQ and she had a gyro.

Then we watched a little bit of the first performer on the WEQX stage, Trevor Hall, not really my favorite so I didn't feel I needed to stick around for the show.  My favorite independent radio station is WEQX.  We walked some more, got pics with the tulips and headed back for the 2nd act, the Constellations.  I really like their song that is played on the radio so I was looking forward to seeing them perform.  They had a great energy and were a lot of fun.  I was sad to see that they didn't have CDs for sale but saw online that it should be coming out in June so I will keep my eye out for that.
 The Constellations:

We went for a walk and I got a handmade lemonade as the sun came out and it was suddenly warm and I was parched.  While waiting for my friend to get her diet pepsi, the rain came and we hid under a vendor awning until it let up.  Now we were a bit wet but the rain stopped so we headed back to get ready to see OK GO.  The crowd was getting thicker, drunker and more rowdy.  I hate having to fend for my view as I am short and can't see over the boring jerk who budged in front of me to stand there.  Then I can finally see and people start throwing cans of beer.  We held out for a bit, saw a few songs from close to the stage and decided the stink of pot and splashing beer was too much and moved back.  It wasn't like you could not see from the back, just more fun to be close.  In spite of the rowdy crowd and flying beer, OK GO put on a spectacular show.  At one point, Damian, the lead singer, stated, "Who knew Albany was so hot?"..."Who knew Albany was so drunk?"
OK GO in the rain:
Me angrily updating my facebook status because I kept getting hit in the head with beach balls LOL:

We headed to the Verizon stand when it started to rain, luckily my friend is a customer and wanted a dock for her new Droid phone.  They were kicking drunk people out left and right, lots of yelling, swearing & beer throwing went on.  I decided then, that I do not miss college at all LOL There was a point when you could see lightning strike behind the stage where they were performing.  I wish I got a picture but it didn't last long.  When the rain stopped, we left our Verizon shelter and went back to enjoy the last of the show.  With all the craziness and mud, I forgot that they announced they were recording the show and putting it on thumb drives for us.  If I remembered I would have gone to the tent.  Instead, I forgot and went shopping at one artist's stand I could not stop thinking about.  I got 2 pendants and 3 cards that I figure I can frame. Pin It StumbleUpon

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