Friday, May 7, 2010

San Francisco Girls Getaway with Leslie - Lid Art Contest

Being an artist, I knew I had to do this project but I kept waiting and waiting and next thing you know, it is 2am the night before my plane leaves and I just realize, OMG I didn't do my lid!  I could have done something fabulous but I was exhausted and didn't have time so I made a little doodle and painted it.  Then I glued it to the the inside of the lid LOL I did it backwards!!!!  I am still laughing about this one.  I never got my name on it, just my initials.  I didn't win, so they didn't have to track me down so I guess it is ok.  I figured I would share a picture of my lid art and a few others that I thought were pretty cool.

My lid (done in water color pencils): 

Sheri's Lid (one of the winner's): 
Another one of the winners: 

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  1. you are soooo lucky to have gotten to go! I do love your lid and too bad you didn't win...if only...right? LOL



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