Thursday, May 6, 2010

San Francisco - Girls Getaway with Leslie Day 3

Happy Birthday to me!  I get to start my birthday with a Master Class in San Francisco!!!  What a fun day!

The Master Class started at 10am.  The food was good, the room was huge.  They said it was the biggest master class they have ever had.  Leslie spoke to us about the company and new products coming out.  There were some funny moments where she shared with us that her bra was falling down and her spanx were rolling up.  We heard about new products such as High Shine eye colors that will come in tube form with applicators, Buxom eye colors with dog names, new kits coming out, new skincare items.  The Rare Minerals line is going to change the name to Bare Minerals Skincare, same products, new name.  The skincare coming out is a wrinkle plumping concentrate and a exfoliating wash (correction!  It is actually a purifying facial cleanser, hard to keep track, I wrote this all from memory).  They had raffles throughout the class.  One lucky person won a huge tin of eye colors, you could feel the room gasp and take a deep breath when we saw that one LOL Leslie's husband, Keith and son, Trent were there. 

Bravon did a makeunder using the San Francisco collection on my new fabulous friend Kesha.  He worked his magic as usual, Leslie would pop in here and there with tips.

Some great tips I learned:

- Use an eye buki brush to blend areas on your face when applying make up but also through the day
- Apply your foundation in circular motions
- Swirl your brush in the lid to get every bit of color in there, then tap.  Not just for foundation but also for colors like warmth, as long as there isn't too much in the lid.
- Always pay attention to your brows and the dark blonde/light brown brow color works for most people.
- To use the maximum coverage concealer brush (the big one, not the little one) use one side of it and swirl it into the bisque concealer and then use the same side to roll it onto the spot that needs extra coverage.  Fromt there, use the other side without any bisque to blend it in.
- Fill in lips with lip liner and then cover with gloss

I was convinced to maybe start using lip liners and to go buy some new brow color.  Now that I don't have red hair anymore, the auburn seems a little too much.  I am usually lazy about the brows, but when I do them, I will have the right color now.  I already started applying foundation the way Bravon did and I notice a difference.  I got a bit of a sunburn on my forehead while there and it covered very well.

After the master class, Leslie was available to sign autographs and you could order items from the class.  The only things I wanted were the San Francisco collection and some new lippies so I actually decided to wait and splurge later instead of ordering now.  It was my birthday and I gave myself permission to splurge but just wasn't in the mood I guess.

I went back to my room to relax a bit, I was pretty tired.  I already have Leslie's autograph and missed out on some picture taking but I will survive.  Once I changed and felt refreshed, I headed out on a bus tour of San Francisco with a couple friends.  It was so much fun!  What a great way to see the city.  I highly recommend doing an open top bus tour that lets you hop on and off around town when visiting a city.  We saw lots of sights and crossed the golden gate bridge! I took tons of photos. it was windy but worth it.

We stopped at Ghirardelli Square and I got a birthday cupcake at Kara's Cupcakes.  Then we visited the chocolate shop and walked down to Boudin Bakery so a friend could buy some sourdough bread. We met up with a friend after sadly realizing that Citizen Cake was closed at the address we had (I guess they moved), booooo.  We took a street car to the mall, Westfield Center.  2 of us needed luggage locks so we could safely check out bags, we had done carry on but they gave us lotion which was too big for the regulation size baggy.  Then we stopped at the Bare Escentuals boutique.  I asked for a color match for my foundation now that I have been in the sun a lot.  I moved up from Fair to Fairly Light LOL She was sweet and did all  my face make up, though my eyes were already done.  I picked up some Prime Time (as I was convinced to start using it this trip), some Fairly light foundation and a few eye colors.  I was able to use my birthday discount and then I was out the door.  2 of us had muni passes, the other 2 had bus only passes so we split up and I took the cable car with a friend and the other 2 walked and eventually got tired and took a cab.  Those San Francisco hills can be a bit much.

While waiting for the cable car at the Union Square turnaround, we got preached at.  Sadly the guy really didn't know what he was talking about.  Calling us all names and saying Jesus made that bird.  I am quite sure his father did that but what do I know?  I am not standing on a box yelling at people.  Eventually, he started a battle of words with a homeless man who holds up a sign stating, "Why lie, it's for beer."  I was quite relieved to get on the cable car and head back to the hotel for some quiet.

After that, we all met up and went to Japantown via taxi.  I got some Hello Kitty San Francisco souvenirs and some Japanese candy treats for my boyfriend.  From there we caught the bus and headed out to the Pacific coast for my birthday dinner at Cliff House Bistro.  2 Friends were already there and had gotten a table.  What a fun place with an amazing view and our waiter was the best.  My birthday dinner was fabulous and I spent it with the best group of friends.  What a fantastic way to end our trip!
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  1. Looks like you had a BLAST!! I am SO coming to SC in '12!! Will start saving up $ now! Your pics are gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing


  2. Nice blog Heather! Thank you. I get to see Bravon at Seattle / Lynnwood Master Class this Saturday.

  3. Makes me feel if I was there with you!! Thanks for sharing!!


  4. Patricia/PinnipedMay 18, 2010 at 5:01 PM

    Hey! I know ALL of the women in that photo! You have great friends! Isn't the Cliff House fun?

  5. Yes, it was a fabulous place to celebrate my bday and end our wonderful trip. I loved it and the view, wow!

  6. oh man...makes me sooo envious! Thanks for the blog! It just all looks so fab!



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