Friday, May 7, 2010

San Francisco - Girls Getaway with Leslie - Goody Bag and Shopping

Now it is time for the final San Francisco Girls Getaway blog. It is like getting closure on the best weekend ever!!!  Though I enjoyed this weekend, it was very emotional and overwhelming at times.  Very hard to live through something you have dreamed about without feeling overwhelmed.

On with the details.  First, the goody bags from the Master Class.  We received the large Rethink tote.  It contained the Beautiful in Pearls collection.  A great collection but I do have it already.  This might provide some back ups of items or a great gift for someone less BE addicted than me. We also got Lacey Buxom, Waterproof Mascara, Bavarian Creme lipstick, 2 color addiction pins, the maximum concealer brush, a BE look book, the info sheet for the San Francisco collection look Bravon did during the makeunder, Rare Minerals Moisturizer and a sample of the new wrinkle plumping concentrate and purifying facial cleanser.

Now on to the shopping.  On the first day, I bought some cool earrings at a vendor in the park across form Ghirardelli Square. You can see the vendor at this link. They make really cool copper jewelry.  The earrings I got called to me from the sidewalk LOL

From there we walked to Union Street for shopping. We stopped at a cool jewelry shop called Favor on Polk before we got there and I got some more earrings.  I loved both places so much, I wish I bought more but didn't want to spend all my money on the first day.  The jewelry from Favor is available in NYC so hopefully I can find it there.  The vendor's jewelry can hopefully be ordered online.

Then on to Union for some Lush shopping (yay for bath stuff) and browsing lots of other shops.
Here is my Lush haul, I suggest not keeping Lush bath stuff in the same shopping tote as a cookie, the cookie will eventually taste like a Lush shop LOL I love how Lush smells but I don't want to eat it.
On Sunday I went shopping at the Bare Escentuals boutique with my birthday discount. I got color matched to Fairly Light, now that I've gotten some sun LOL I also grabbed some fun eye colors that came with a pink bag and brush for $39, cherish, exotic tara & black ice. Then I grabbed a brow color in dark blonde/light brown and a Prime Time face primer which I have never used until my make up was done at the boutique. Since it is more natural than most primers, I decided to go for it.

I had a order arrive at my apartment when I was at the airport heading to San Francisco.  I ordered a mineral veil refill, the Buzzworthy Collection and The Intro to Eyes Tutorial. The package came UPS and we had severe wind warnings so I was worried it might blow away.  My boyfriend looked for it when he got home from dropping me at the airport.  He found the package and saw that it was dented.  He opened the package and saw that Buzzworthy was a bit smooshed so he opened the kit and made sure all the make up was okay and that the lids were on securely.  How cute!!!  Either he knows how important it is to me or he knows how much it is worth, either way, I thought it was sweet of him to do that and email me about it so I knew how it was when I got to San Francisco LOL  I have hardly had time to play since I got back from San Francisco because I am staying up even later than normal so I run out of time before work.  I will test out all the colors this weekend when I have more time.  I do have to say, I am addicted to the buzzworthy lippie combo, Sticky Buns & Muffin Top. It is so creamy and looks amazing on. It is like it was made for my complexion.  I need more of this one!!! I've worn it everyday since I got home. 
I am not affiliated with Bare Escentuals. These items were gifts with registration for the master class in San Francisco or were purchased for personal use as stated individually above. Pin It StumbleUpon

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  1. your boyfriend is just tooooo adorable!



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