Thursday, May 6, 2010

San Francisco - Girls Getaway with Leslie Day 2

On Saturday, I had a special invitation to breakfast with Leslie & other Angels in the Presidential Suite at the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco.  We all met downstairs and were escorted up to the suite.  It was amazing, so luxurious and there was a fabulous view.  Leslie was so welcoming.  They had a breakfast buffet set up for us and we all sat out on the patio at 3 small bistro tables that we moved close together.  Leslie asked us about ourselves, how long we have worn BE, where we are from, we took pictures and we talked about the program, new products coming out and it was so  much fun.  I became so absorbed I almost forgot I had plans at 11am. Luckily, we were scheduled to end at 11 so I was able to get my goody bag and head downstairs to meet my friends. We were sent home with goody bags including a small cosmetic bag (love this one) with samples of skincare and a large sample bottle of Leslie's perfume, Golden Light.

After the wonderful breakfast, I went to Pier 39 with friends for crepes and sight seeing.  Then we walked to Pier 33 to check in for our Alcatraz tour.  We waited in a long line to get on the boat but once we were there, it was fun.  I'm glad we ordered our tickets in advance because the next available trip was the following day and the line the buy tickets was insanely long. Just order online the week before people!  We saw great views and the prison was really interesting.  The walking is tough but we made it.  They had an audio tour narrated by former officers and prisoners.

After that, we got back on the boat and headed to lunch at Boudin Bakery Bistro.  3 of us got burgers on sourdough bread, so yummy!  One of us got soup in a bread bowl.  I bought some bread to take home and then we headed back to the hotel to freshen up and meet everyone at a happy hour.  We were fashionably late but it was still fun.  I sipped white wine and mingled a little.

From there, a group of us headed to dinner at Mona Lisa in North Beach/Little Italy.  We had delicious food and some unexpected entertainment from a bachelor party in the area that seemed to be waiting for a table at Mona Lisa. We were seated on the sidewalk outside the restaurant and got to people watch.  I had chicken marsala which was just plain good.  Our first visitor was a guy that walked by and complimented Rachel's pesto.  He kept walking by and looking.  She was done eating and finally asked if he wanted to try some and he did!  He ate a huge bite of her pasta.  Unfortunately, I missed the photo opportunity so we tried to get him to come back to take a pic with us but he refused.  He would eat a stranger's paste but not pose for a picture???  Weirdo LOL His group booed and hissed at him for it, eventually a few of them stopped by for pictures.  We were sneaky and got the pesto eater in a pic or two. (See below, pesto eater in gray shirt behind me).

After our crazy dinner, we walked over to Club Fugazi for a 9:30pm showing (12:30am my time) of Beach Blanket Babylon.  It was a fun show but towards the end I was getting way too tired for singing and comedy.  There were streetcar buses waiting outside to take us back to the hotel so we had fun riding through town. 
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