Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rethink Beauty Bare Escentuals Collection

Today I had the chance to wear the colors from the advance order of Rethink Beauty from Bare Escentuals. I have to say I am really loving these color and look forward to trying out the primers that came with the collection this week.  I was in a hurry to get to a family get together today so I just managed to use the colors, take pics and run out the door.

I am wearing:
  • Bare Escentuals Prime Time Primer
  • Bare Escentuals Fairly Light Foundation
  • Bare Escentuals Bisque mixed with Summer Bisque as concealer
  • BE Mineral Veil and then a layer of SPF Mineral Veil
  • BE Warmth
  • BE Optimist Blush
  • BE Clear Radiance mixed with Well Rested on eyes, lash to brow
  • BE Lucky eye color in crease & V
  • BE Big & Bright liner in Ink
  • BE 100% Natural Lip Gloss in Jelly Roll
  • BE Flawless Definition Mascara in Black
 Natural Light:


I am not affiliated with Bare Escentuals. I purchased these items for personal use. Pin It StumbleUpon


  1. You look great Heather! I really love the blush and gloss. Ink looks really pretty--I wish I could master using eye liner pencils.

  2. Hi Becky! I still prefer a mineral liner with a brush but like the pencils when I need something quick.

  3. Heather, Really love you with a bright liner!

  4. Heather, I love the new liner and lip color on you. This set is tempting me, but I've never worn the primers (sensitive skin & scared of reaction), so I may have to pick up just pieces of it. Thanks for posting the look.. --Rita

  5. Hi Rita, I have very sensitive skin too and don't usually wear primers but once I knew this was silicone free I decided to try it out. I actually like the face primer. I haven't tried the eye primer yet.


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