Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bare Escentuals - New Optimist blush vs Papaya blush

A few people have asked me how Optimist blush compares to Papaya blush so I thought the best way to explain is to take a pic!
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  1. Wow it's really close! Thanks!

  2. gosh, not much difference. Thx for pics!


  3. Papaya is a bit lighter with more sparkle, Optimist is a bit deeper with more rose tone and it is matte.

  4. Are either of these a peach coral? I am looking for a bright peachy coral color.

  5. These aren't peachy coral, I bet you would like Vintage Peach Blush

  6. It so hard to tell the difference. I just jumped on this BE bandwagon and found fruit cocktail to be great on me and golden gate looks dirty. I am seeking a peachy color that is bright as fruit cocktail.

    Thank you


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