Sunday, April 11, 2010

The She Space order #9 - more clearance colors

I had a hard time getting good swatch photos of the 2nd grouping of colors, not sure why. The colors are beautiful even though the photo doesn't do them justice.  Maybe the lighting in the room I was in? Colors in jars and swatches follow the order of the labels in the first picture. Swatches are shown first dry, then foiled.

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  1. I have an area (the intake area) on top of my Lowes tool chest where I put all my newness until I have used it at least once. Do you have a system like that? If so how many TSS shadows are still in the que? I feel like I have been using my TSS non-stop and still have a ton more to use. (I still a bunch from the Kiss collection a a few from the christmas collection that I haven't used yet). I just got a shipping notice for one of my other orders. I'm getting kind of overwhelmed!!

  2. Right now I am keeping the TSS colors I haven't worn yet in my BE BIP boxes (name label side up) and then the ones I wear are going into a BE Canary Diamonds box which is almost full with 2 layers of TSS colors LOL I think eventually I will move them into Sterlite drawers like the rest of my eye colors but I am not 100% sure yet.

    I don't have a full count of how many TSS colors I have worn yet but I should look into it tonight and post. Good thing I went into BE Nirvana mode before I got into TSS. I am much better about making sure I wear all my TSS once. I have a TSS look to post though my camera batteries died in the middle of my taking pics so I didn't get them uploaded yet so I will post them together.


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