Thursday, April 8, 2010

The She Space Order #8 - Pretty She Clearance & Eye Pigments

My 8th TSS (The She Space) order came today, finally. I have to say this package did not want to come to me. It went from Chicago to Las Vegas, was scanned there once, then again the next day and finally made it to Upstate NY today. I saw that it was delivered, went outside and could not find it. I looked around and spotted it...on the lawn to the right of the porch. Must have been a wild 2 days of partying in Vegas for this package LOL I am glad it finally made it home.

Colors in jars and swatches follow the order of the labels in the first picture. Swatches are shown first dry, then foiled.

Pretty She Colors:
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Eye Pigments:
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I am not affiliated with The She Space. I purchased these items for personal use.
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