Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bare Escentuals Color Match at the boutique - BE congo, metallic green & lush topaz

I had to be in Albany yesterday so before my appt, I stopped at the Bare Escentuals boutique in Crossgates Mall. I thought I should look at the new foundation shades as lately my usual shade is looking a bit too yellow for me. I walked in and luckily no one else was there. The 2 girls working instantly expected me to wear fair. I thought they were wrong but let them keep going. They wiped the make up off one side of my cheek, closest to my ear. They said not to worry as they would blend it back in after the color match. They swatched 3 shades of BE foundation on my cheek. They looked in the store and then had me go into the walkway outside to see it in more natural light from the windows in the ceiling. They showed me in the mirror the 3 shades on my cheek. Light was too golden and stuck out very obviously on my skin. Fairly light was ok but still showed up a tad too much. Fair blended right in and matched almost perfectly. Fair? Me? Who knew!?!?! I know it is the end of winter and I am sure the only daylight I see is when I go for a rare walk or go to and from my car so my skin isn't going to have any color from the sun. They suggested I move to fairly light in the summer when I have more color. They also suggested that I try faux tan instead of warmth because warmth might have too much red for me. I've been wearing Bare Escentuals for almost 9 years and now I find out I am fair! LOL I have to say I was shocked. It goes to prove just how forgiving BE foundation is that I could wear something a couple shades darker for so long and often it looked ok. It was suggested to me by a fellow BE Addict that shades have changed over the years. Maybe when I first started, Light foundation was actually lighter?

When I first bought foundation I got Medium. I could tell it wasn't quite right so I gave that to my mom and ordered Light and wore it ever since. More recently, in the past couple years, I've been mixing Light with Fairly Light during the winter. Now I find out my darker color might be Fairly light. I might see about getting another color match in summer, if only out of curiosity. I know many who are much lighter and more porcelain skin-toned than me so I am wondering if BE will come out with shades lighter than Fair?

I tried Fair foundation for the first time today and have to say, I am liking how it looks. The color in the jar was darker than I expected so I was a little less intimidated to apply it. Here are some pics!

Today I am wearing:
  • BE Bisque mixed with a little bit of Summer Bisque as concealer
  • BE Fair foundation
  • BE Warmth
  • BE Mineral Veil
  • BE Soft Focus True on cheeks
  • BE Congo on lids
  • BE Metallic Green in crease & V
  • BE Lush Topaz wetlined
  • Korres Abyssinia Mascara in Black 
  • BE Iced Coffee Lip Gloss 
No Flash/Natural Light:

Eye Close Up:

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    1. Hmmm...well you got me on the greens, but you know I love my greens. From the natural light shot I do see how fair could work for you. You look great. It will be intersting to see as you get more sun what will happen! xoxo


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