Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dr. Oz and Mineral Makeup

Recently on Dr. Oz's show, he said that mineral makeup was not safe because it goes into your lungs. That is a very simplified statement regarding what he said. For more information on this, you can visit his site. I like Dr Oz. Don't get me wrong. I think he brings attention to some important health issues that people are often unaware of. The thing is, you have to take charge of your own health and your own medical treatments. Always ask questions, always research, always get a 2nd opinion. If we all just listen to everything a doctor says just because they are a doctor, then we lose control of the care of our own bodies. Doctors are wonderful and they help us but we cannot depend on them for all of our answers. Just because it was on TV and said by a doctor, does not necessarily mean it is 100% accurate.

As someone who has had many chemical reactions and done a lot of research into chemical contents and dangers in cosmetics, bath products, etc, I am quite bothered by this statement. Dr Oz has his right to say what he wants, this is the USA. Unfortunately, I think some of his suggestions are not realistic and are not the safest choices. I am not going to go into heavy detail about this but as someone who has worn mineral make up for almost 9 years, I am more than happy with how much healthier my skin now is. I had severe reactions to many liquid foundations and sunscreens and found out it is best for my skin to avoid all chemical based sunscreens and cosmetics. For me, this is the best option. The chemicals in liquid foundations are also dangerous and they absorb directly into your skin. This puts chemicals into your body on a daily basis. My body rejected these chemicals with dermatitis, acne, blistering skin, redness and irritation. Mineral makeup has not only done away with these reactions but has improved my skin. I am sure my natural skincare regimen also helps.

I like to use the example of when I was in classes in college as an art major. We used toxic items in almost every class. The best of the worst would be charcoals and pastels. These are not safe items but make beautiful art. We would be in closed spaces using these for hours at a time. When you were done using them, you knew you were very exposed to them because you would blow your nose and see a rainbow, often for quite a while. It was difficult to wash off your skin. If mineral make up did this, I would feel differently about it. Mineral make up rarely shows up on a tissue if I blow my nose and if it does, it is only because I used a lot of concealer around my nose to cover redness. It never shows up in (pardon the grossness) what came out of my nose.

I would like to leave you with a comment from Leslie Blodgett, the CEO of Bare Escentuals (courtesy of the BEA Forum on Delphi):

"The safety and wellbeing of every customer is of paramount concern at Bare Escentuals. We would like to assure our customers that there is absolutely no credible scientific evidence that our mineral cosmetic products can be easily inhaled into the lungs, much less linking our mineral cosmetic products with negative health effects. Unsupported allegations that all mineral cosmetic products are “dangerous,” based on what unidentified “experts” have supposedly said, are unnecessarily alarming and fear-inducing because such allegations are simply not supported by any credible evidence. We stand behind our products and look forward to continuing to provide high quality products to the millions of women whose lives have been touched by bareMinerals. "

Leslie Blodgett
CEO, Bare Escentuals

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  1. Great article!! I agree, I think you'd have to really work at it to suck up enough mineral makeup to make any kind of impact. Sometimes I think we go to extremes in deciding that IF something could POSSIBLY happen that we need to warn against all components of it. Sometimes we just need to relax a bit & use common sense. Just my opinion.


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