Friday, February 26, 2010

100% Pure Creamstick Lip Pencils and Lip Glazes

I got my Hautelook order yesterday.  A box of 100% Pure, some great deals on skincare I already use, a new black tea mascara and 3 new lip pencils.  I was so excited to get these and wanted to share my swatches.  I am hoping to try wearing them this weekend. These are the only 3 shades available right now. Hopefully more will come out soon.  I also decided to swatch my 100% Pure Lip Glazes.  I only just opened my Strawberry one from a previous kit.  I really like these and hope to try some of the other shades available.

100% Pure Perfect Naked Creamstick Lip Pencils:

100% Pure Lip Glazes

I am in an affiliate program with this company. I purchased these items for personal use.
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