Monday, January 11, 2010

Still unpacking!

The move has gone well. We are finally 100% moved in as of a little while before Christmas. BF turned in the keys and got his deposit back and we are done with his old place and on to the new.

I feel so at home now. I cannot explain how much better I feel having my own place, even if it is still full of boxes. We get a little bit done at a time. I am often too busy doing everyday cleaning and cooking and working to focus fully on anything major. I think tonight I might finally tackle the last of the boxes in the kitchen.

My tower room is awesome. Now that the Christmas tree is down, it hosts my Pier One dresser and wardrobe, a small black chaise and a small bookshelf. All of my make up and jewelry is in there too. I feel like it is my one girly place just for me.

The living room is getting there. BF got a new TV for himself for Christmas so that is nice. The couch is all set and my art table is in there. We have quite a few boxes to get through and a huge pile of empty boxes to recycle.

The hobby room/office, which we also call Kitty's room since he often likes to hang out in there, is the biggest project. The most packed boxes are still in there but our desks are set up. The printer is up and running. An old Salvation Army couch, which mostly gets used by Kitty, and BF's old TV are in there. I think he plans to set up his older video game systems in there and store a lot of the other ones he wont be using. I wouldn't be surprised if all the boxes are video games, old systems and books!

The bedroom is doing pretty well. BF finally cleared out most of the piles of storage totes full of his clothes and bedding we aren't using.

Things are coming along. The bathroom is quite nice, especially now that we aren't having to email the landlords about it. We had quite a few bathroom troubles, water heater control panel died, then water pressure problems, toilet flushing itself (we called it the ghost toilet), faucet refusing to turn all the way off. We saw our landlord more in 1 month than most do all year!

I still have a lot in storage at my parents house and BF has added to it. I figure things are safe there and my parents will let us use my old room and storage area in the basement for as long as we need to. I doubt it is worth packing all my books, holiday decor and massive kitchen items collection unless I need something. Next time we move it better be because we are buying a house with room for everything LOL Pin It StumbleUpon

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