Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bettie's Cakes in Saratoga Springs, NY

What!?!?! I haven't blogged about Bettie's Cakes? I must be crazy. Spa City Cupcakes closed its doors a while ago and now Bettie's Cakes lives in the same spot. The decor is retro and fabulous and the cupcakes....oh the cupcakes. I have to admit, these cupcakes are much better than the previous place. Bettie has a style and flavor all of her own. Bettie has 3 sizes of cupcakes, baby cupcakes call A-cups, medium cupcakes called B-cups and large cupcakes called C-cups. You can get a sampler of 12 a-cups for $12 which is great if you want to take them home to share or want to try lots of flavors. They also have cookies which are delicious. If you love a doughy chocolate chip cookie, this place has cookies for you!

Bettie's not only has yummy eats, they also have gluten free cupcakes (at least most of the time to my knowledge). They do event cakes and cupcakes and have cool retro sodas and warm drinks like cocoa.

You can follow them on Facebook &/or Twitter. They run specials on there so it is good to pay attention. They also announce the flavors of the week there.

Not only do they have the cool little shop in Downstreet Market here in Saratoga Springs, they also have a double-decker bus that goes to various locations and, you guessed it, sells cupcakes! It has seating and this winter, they even had Santa!

I have to say, the people are sweet as, well, a cupcake! Their baked goods are truly awesome and addictive. Run, don't walk, to Bettie's Cakes. It will help you burn off some of the calories.

Me with a peanut butter cup (B-cup) cupcake:

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  1. Hey the place is fun - I agree! I posted my own entry on Bettie's Cakes a while back:
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