Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Old Deerfield Christmas Sampler 2009

We went to the Old Deerfield Christmas Sampler again this year. It has become an annual tradition. It was a crazy weekend for me as I was moving, going to 2 Thanksgiving dinners, throwing a baby shower and going on this trip. I needed it though. It was such a fun de-stressing day. It has grown to be a trip with my friend Denise, my mom and my friend Jessica. We go to the Sampler and then go eat at Bertucci's and watch my mom and Denise get silly on 1 glass of wine.

Here are some of the cool items I bought at this year's show.

Cool glass topped jar from Zyra Clay & Glass Studios:

Awesome pendant made from recycled bottle caps by Beth Crowell http://www.wiltonartisans.com/:

My usual haul from my all-time fave Lisa Bess, hard to do the colors justice in the picture:

This booth had so many cool paper crane items but I had to get the earrings, you could not beat her prices and she was really nice. These happen to be from a piece or origami paper that she only got 1 sheet of. http://www.1thousandcranes.com/

Some natural stone jewelry I got at 2 different booths, I can't find their info right now...maybe later. The pendants were 3 for $12 and the earrings were $12

Delicious cookies from Sweetie Pie Cookies http://www.sweetiepiescookies.com/

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