Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Apartment

My BF and I finally found a place that suits us. We have moved into a lovely 2 bedroom upstairs apartment in the nicer section of our town. It is an older home that is being renovated. Our apartment was finished first. They are still working on the downstairs apartment. The move was hard and we still have more to pick up from the old place. I cannot wait to just have everything here and not have to carry anything big up the stairs again.

The apartment is very energy efficient. It has a new energy efficient furnace, new windows, good insulation and a tankless water heater. Unfortunately, the water heater just died on us but should be quickly repaired as the replacement part came today. Just waiting for the landlord to come install it.

Once we get more settled in and unpack everything, I will be sure to post some pictures. For now, you get to see my Christmas tree which is the first full size tree I have ever had of my own. It is living in the tower room which I have taken over as my own.

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