Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My fave Bare Escentuals eye color combos & rediscovered colors

As requested, I have gathered my favorite eye color combos from when I went through BE Nirvana and wore every bare escentuals eye color I own without repeats. Here is a list of my favorite combos along with links to the blog entry with pictures. I also had some colors that I rediscovered and am so happy I did. They are listed here as well.

Shocked at how much I like this kit: Meet the Stones
How did I wear it:
* MTS light lash to brow
* MTS Medium on lid
* MTS Dark in crease
* Jade Wetlined

Rediscovered Classics: Wild Women (one of the first sets I ordered)
How did I wear them:
Combo #1
* Queen Phyllis lash to brow
* Wild Woman Sarah on lid
* Wild Woman Melissa in crease & V

Sadly no pics or notes from the combos I made with WW Deborah and WW Dawn

Combo of Ice Queen, Marquise, Dakota & Turquoise Sea
How did I wear them:
* Ice Queen lash to brow
* Marquise on lid
* Dakota in crease & V
* Turquoise Sea wetlined

Combo of Au Natural, Gilded Taupe, Golden Earth & Black Emerald
How did I wear them:
* Au Natural from lash to brow
* Gilded taupe on lid
* Golden Earth in crease & V
* Black Emerald wetlined

Combo of Sunshine, Fascination, Black Ice & Elegant Diamond
How did I wear it:
* Sunshine from lash to brow
* Fascination on lid
* Black Ice in crease & V
* Elegant Diamond Wetlined

Combo of Bamboo, Nice Pear, Oz, Coffee Bean
How did I wear it:
* Bamboo from lash to brow
* Nice Pear on lid
* OZ in crease & V
* Coffee Bean Liner

Combo of Mystic, Shantung, Heavenly Diamond, Grape
How did I wear it:
* Heavenly Diamond from lash to brow
* Mystic on lid
* Shantung in crease & V
* Grape Wetlined

Combo of Halo, Merlot, 1990s and Retro
How did I wear it:
* Halo from lash to brow
* Merlot on lid
* 1990s in crease & V
* Retro Liner

Combo of Clarity, Mystery, Catwoman, Aquamarine
How did I wear it:
* Clarity from lash to brow
* Mystery on lid
* Catwoman in crease & V
* Aquamarine Wetlined

Rediscovered or newly discovered colors:
  • Bahamas
  • Bamboo
  • Catwoman
  • Coconut Palm
  • Cultured Pearl
  • Fascination
  • Girlfriend Kathleen
  • Queen Phyllis
  • Brocade (I am in love and only have a sample!)
  • Blue Black (1st BE liner I ever owned)
  • French Navy
  • Onyx
  • Coffee Bean

I am not affiliated with Bare Escentuals. I purchased these items for personal use. Pin It StumbleUpon


  1. Queen Phyllis is my absolute fav. of all time! thanks for this post ;)

  2. Love the last combo on you most of all. And my go-to combo for the last few months has been UDPP Sin lash-to-brow, Shantung on the outer lid and crease and Grape as a liner.


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