Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Oyster Bar, Billy's Bakery & Chelsea Market - NYC

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. I have been a busy girl. Work has been crazy, my BF and I found a new apartment and are packing to move, I have been on trips to MA and NYC and I am planning a baby shower.

Last week I took my mom to NYC as her birthday gift. I asked her where she wanted to go and she said places she had never been before. Unfortunately, our train ran late and the Veterans Day parade was making traffic crazier than normal. Our day got cut short but we still had a lot of fun and I am still enjoying the sweet results of that day.

We had lunch at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station. Very good fish. I had broiled scrod and my mother had organic salmon. After that some shopping at Pylones and my mom's first ride on the subway to the Village. We walked through Washington Park and headed to Chelsea Market. My mom had always wanted to go there and had never been.

I love Chelsea Market because there are so many great bakeries all in one place. NYC is full of fabulous bakeries but it is often hard to get to many in a quick one day trip. At Chelsea Market, I was sure I already tired my mom out from all the walking around so I figured it was a nice place to take it easy. We browsed and then made our purchases.

I had to stop at Amy's Bread and was so giddy with excitement to see that they had my pink frosted cake. It is my absolute favorite cake, so simple and vanilla-y. I just love it!!! I also got a cinnamon sugar challah. I have the recipe for the pink frosted cake but it is not the same as enjoying a giant slice that takes 2 sittings to eat made right at Amy's Bread.

We both bought some cookies at Eleni's. I got some Halloween cookies on clearance, still as yummy but much cheaper. Works for me! I also got a box of pink sugared sugar cookies.

From there we went to Fat Witch Bakery. I picked up some fresh brownies, a fat witch and a peanut butter witch, which are cheaper than pre-packaged ones and of course a couple packaged blonde witches to take home too.

Next was Jacques Torres Chocolates. We bought a lot here. We ended up with cookie mix, truffles, chocolate bars, dark chocolate covered grahams, and a cookie for the road. There could be more but I would have to double check. Thanks to NYC Food Guy for the pic in his blog since I ate mine before I could take a pic.

Finally, a stop at Sarabeth's Bakery for some shortbread and loaf cake. Very yummy stuff but not my fave out of the bunch. I may share more of these than the rest which I seem to be hoarding to myself LOL

After all the fun at Chelsea Market, I made my poor mom walk some more so I could go to my favorite bakery, Billy's Bakery! Such yummy cupcakes and I always find that the staff are fun funky types I can relate to. Again, I have the recipes for their cupcakes but still prefer to go buy them right from the source. I almost always get 2 yellow and 2 chocolate, both with vanilla buttercream.

All in all, a fun day in NYC. It went by too fast so hopefully I can go back again soon.

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