Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some Bare Escentuals Shopping in MA

I went on a 3 night roadtrip with my BF to celebrate our anniversary and get away from things for a little while. We stayed in Framingham MA which was close to Boston to save money on a hotel. The first day, after checking in, we headed off to Natick Collection and did some shopping. I had caught a cold over the weekend and was still recovering. I felt okay, mostly tired, but I barely had a voice. It made shopping a little difficult. I could barely say thank you after checking out. I didn't buy a lot but still had fun.

I got a couple things at Lush. Then we headed to Bare Escentuals and I picked up a refill of Blemish Therapy and Believe. They were really nice there. They kept trying to show me the new kits and I was like, I already have it. Apparently they were shocked that there was an online preview sale. My BF decided to step in and speak for me and pretty much said this..."She is practically famous. She did this whole project where she wore all her makeup and posted pics of it online. Even Leslie sent her a gift!" He said more than that and I could not really talk. I tried to explain a little better what he was talking about. They were excited and wanted to know what the gift was so I squeaked out as much as I could about the Beautiful in Pearls Body Minerals LOL They gave me a Matte tote and I filled my stamp card so I can use it the next time I get to a boutique. I just thought it was so cute and funny when he started to speak up about me in the boutique like he was bragging about me.

We also went to Burlington Mall and I found 100% Natural Blackberry gloss in Nordstom. So excited!!!!! We stopped at the new Ulta in Framingham but they didn't have any BE that I didn't already have. At least nothing I could see. I figured I should look with the whole free gift offer going on but nothing I needed.

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