Friday, October 23, 2009

I got a gift from Leslie Blodgett - Beautiful in Pearls Body Minerals

A week ago I got a message from Terry over at BE Addicts and was asked to give her my contact info. She said I would be happy if I did. Then I saw a post in the forum saying that BE and Leslie have chosen a BE Addict to receive this special product in advance and another BE Addict will get one in November. It looks like that lucky 1st BE Addict was indeed me!

Today, I saw a box from UPS outside wrapped in a plastic bag and did not want to get my hopes but just had a feeling and there it was, the return address from Bare Escentuals. Woohoo! I got so excited I forgot to get my BF the ice coffee he requested LOL Don't worry, I made it back out and got our lunch and his iced coffee. I took a bunch of pics. The lighting in our apartment is off and it is kind of grey outside but I tried to get the best lighting I could so I could share some nice pics. After all the wonderful experiences I have had with BE and how amazing Leslie is to her customers and employees, I am considering moving to San Francisco to work for them.

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  1. That is awesome! I applied for a job in their corporate office- but didn't get it (Technically, it was a marketing job, and I don't have my B.A. in that field!). It does seem like an awesome place to work, so I keep checking their website to see how I can slip in there!


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